September 28, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

The work of the Lord is Wonderful.

The work of the Lord is Wonderful. It brings me so much happiness and
joy. I continue to love the work and this area more and more each day.
As the work continues to prosper here in the Leander/Liberty Hill
area, I feel so blessed and wonder why us? Just as last week i
apologize for the condensed version but it is definitely a great
problem to have.

Monday after p day concluded we had two great lessons. one with a man
named ron and Aj who was baptized on the 19th.

Tuesday we had about 4 lessons i believe. My favorite discussion that
day was with an atheist. His wife and daughter are both strong
baptists but he has no belief in a god at all. We asked him a few
questions to get to know him better and why he believed the way he
did. I don't know why i always like talking with the atheists because
i walk away feeling so bad for them. Not enough to where it affects me
but they are always so hopeless. This man had no hope to see his
family after this life. He felt like everything needed to be proven
and how can you prove a god? We asked if he loved his family and he
said well yes of course. We asked him if he can prove that love in any
way other than feeling it and showing it and he thought about that and
said well no. We compared that to the feelings of the spirit and the
manifestations of truth. That got him thinking a bit and it seemed to
have swayed his vision on god just a smudge. He was very receptive and
respectful to what we share and i hope that changes his outlook a bit.

Wednesday we went on another exchange and this time i got to stay home
with Elder Godfrey, our district leader. That day was a really good
day. He was so much fun to work with and we got along really well. We
taught 4 lessons that night. We went from lesson to lesson. It was so
nice. My favorite lesson that night was with Diana. I don't know if
y'all remember her but she is super prepared and ready for the gospel.
The spirit is always so strong teaching her. We taught her the plan of
salvation and that was so wonderful. Seeing people gain a testimony of
that and gain hope for this life and eternity is so powerful. She was
one who feared death. She thought after this she would lose all of her
memory and not know who her family was in heaven. Again in this lesson
the spirit brought her to tears. She is so much fun to teach.

Thursday we exchanged back did some weekly planning and got to work.
My favorite that night was Nicole and her family. She has been coming
to church for over a year and hasn't been baptized yet. We finally
found out why. She isn't sure she has a testimony yet. This was a blow
to us. We were shocked. She is a better member than most members in
the church. We weren't sure how to more help her and her family so we
just flat out asked them. Her husband stopped us and said "you two are
doing so much for us." he said "i dont let just anybody into my home.
Very few people do i let in my home and you elders are two of them."
He went on to say we are doing plenty and it was a great compliment to
hear but we still feel like we could be doing more so it is a bit
tough. We invited her to go into women's conference with a prayer and
to fast about it on sunday. She agreed to do so. We are excited to
meet with them again.

Friday's favorite was with a man named Thomas. When he first met the
missionaries his son was having some really bad health problems. The
missionaries gave his son a blessing and he got better. The story he
tells is a lot longer and better than that but it can be personal so i
don't want to share too much. The main point is he saw the power of
the priesthood and he gained a testimony of it. It brought him out of
a very dark time in his life. As of right now he doesn't want to join
the church but he told us that soon he is going come to a testimony
meeting and go up to share his testimony on the priesthood. How cool
is that? This mans story is very powerful.

Saturday we did service until about 3 in the afternoon which was
great. Saturday was such a good day. I am torn between two stories on
Saturday but i am going to go with Austin's story. We got to talk with
him again and he is doing well. He hasn't partied in two weeks and he
usually does every night of the week. I have so much love for Austin
it is insane. He is so honest with us. We showed him a few of the new
Addiction Recovery Program videos which i recommend to watch. They are
extremely well done. His whole family came and sat in a little later.
He told us he is 75% ready to quit but 25% still wants the high. We
asked his mom what she thinks it would do for him if he stopped. What
she said was powerful. She said that he wouldn't admit it but he has a
low self esteem and that would rise. Now this really touched me. She
said "i can tell you want to be a part of your sisters life. You want
to be her big brother and tease her and have fun with her. But she
won't deal with it because she knows where you are." He smiled a
crooked smile and said "well said." This made me tear up a bit and
made me love him even more. He doesn't really believe in god but he
committed to pray. And he has prayed the past two nights. I wish i was
better at telling the story and i wish i could share the feeling that
was in that home.

Sunday was so so busy. We were running around the church the whole
three hours. We had 4 investigators at church which was wonderful.
Diana was at church for the first time and we were praying for a sane
testimony meeting. The testimonies ended up being some of the best i
have ever heard. They were exactly what all of our investigators
needed to hear. One man we teach, brother breakface, received the
priesthood and bore a powerful testimony. Diana absolutely loved
church. We met with her after church and she asked about the "rules"
of our church. We briefly went over them and talked a little about the
word of wisdom. She had bought 6 bottles of wine on Saturday and said
oh well i guess im going home and dumping them down the sink. What?!?!
Who is that willing? She is amazing. We had to head out pretty quick
to go help someone move and we did that until about three. The rest of
the night went well with a few lessons and a cool blood moon.
Can you see how blessed we are?
I love y'all. Have a great week.

Signing out,
Elder Baker


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