August 7, 2017




Elder Strong

Ask Forgiveness

Dear Friends and Family,
Let me first ask forgiveness for the quality of this email. Just as my last day of high school, this very
day has been, for lack of a better term, dreaded. This because as the day of my graduation, soon I will be ending the greatest chapter of my life thus far. It can be hard to look forward positively through trials even with an eternal
perspective. I would say for myself it is equally as
difficult to look forward with excitement when it is time
for a wonderful stage of life to end, again even with an
eternal perspective on things. I have been and am currently
somewhere inside of me excited for the blessings life has to offer in the near future but for those of you who know me well you understand how much I resent large change. I am grateful for the past two years of my life and the blessings I have received from serving Lord.  This final transfer has been everything I could ever hope for and more. I have seen many people start to change themselves the live according to the Gospel and have watched the windows of heaven open upon them. I'll share one example of this. When I first got into the area we started teaching a young man named Sean. He was baptized a little over a week ago. Our first time visiting him his step-father was in the home who is not a member. He was sitting in the front room in a tank top, reclined back with the television blaring as we tried to teach Sean. We tried to talk to Rahshon but he'd give a one or two word answer. He was less than cordial. We saw the same result the next time or two. But things started to change as he must've started to listen as we taught. He would turn the TV off when would got there and would involve himself in the lessons. Soon he was participating more than anyone else in the household. As we talked to Sean's mother while he was being interviewed for baptism she told us Rahshon had started to become elated when we'd visit. She said before we were going to show up he'd put a shirt on and say "I gotta clean up, the Elders are coming over." A complete turn around from before. He attended the baptism for Sean and there Sean's grandfather told Rahshon "You're next!" He just chuckled but did not deny as he would have before. The Tuesday after the baptism we had Rahshon in the Family History Center eating up his family history. Before we left we asked if we could meet with him and he said "come over tomorrow." The next day he committed to be baptized. His whole countenance has changed. I wish I could put into words well enough his change to help each of you
understand.  The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ changes
anyone who lives it. It makes them happier. My very favorite
blessing of the Gospel. Though I have seen so many changes in others, the most important change that has occurred is the change within myself. 
Referring to the beginning of my email I look
forward to returning home. Our God loves us with an infinite love and wants us to be happy. He wants us to receive a fullness of joy even. He will continue to give us happiness throughout our lives as we follow his path for us. Which means returning home will help me find even more happiness than now. May we all pursue happiness along the path of righteousness.

I love all of you.
Elder Baker


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