March 20, 2020


Osiem, Koforidua


Elder Johnson

Week 81- Goodbye Ghana

Hey everyone,

Well here goes my last full week in Ghana. I never expected it to happen like this but here it is. Tuesday we went around and saw all the people I wanted to say goodbye to. It sucked but I'm in Koforidua now and it's so pretty here. It's in the mountains and it's cool here. I get cold at night and have to use a blanket. I woke up this morning freezing and checked the weather it said 81 degrees... how am I gonna live when I get home!!

Well Wednesday was full of travelling. We got here at around 6 and I unpacked then at 7 we got a message from president that said this, "Dear Elders and Sisters. I am about to send you an email. You need to stop working and act on the instructions immediately. No exceptions. Do not waste time. We love you and are going to miss each of you. President and Sister Keyes."
That was fun... not. I just unpacked and he told us in the email we needed to pack to go home. I was pissed. I was freaking out. I'd been wanting to go home in a way because I'm almost done but when it came down to it I was sad and didn’t want to leave. I love the people here and this country.

Since Thursday morning we have been down in Kof. My area was an hour and a half from Koforidua, the main village in the area, so we all came from the villages to the main one so were all together to go to Accra to fly out. They are sending us all in groups. My group will fly Tuesday at 11 pm. I'm the last group. I have no idea what I'm gonna do here in this apartment for another few days. It's been boring being here but I have monopoly so we played that and a few other card games. I hope everything works out and I make it home alright. I would rather be home than here while all these earthquakes and corona virus stuff is going on. I sure will miss this place and the people and friends I've met here.

Well I hope everyone is okay. I'm not sure if I'll be able to see anyone but I hope so. See ya soon.

Elder Orton

Elder Orton wrote this letter on March 20. Today is March 22. Since then we have learned that his flight on Tuesday, that he talked about in his letter, has been canceled. The church is working on getting a charter plane to Africa to get him and the other missionaries out. We have complete faith in our church leaders and our Heavenly Father. We know Elder Orton will be watched over and will make it home safely we’re just not sure when that will be. Thank you so very much for all of your thoughts and prayers. We feel them and so does he! We are so grateful for you all ❤️


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