March 16, 2020


Tema, Ghana


Elder Chrysler

Week 80 Esther’s baptism


Well, this week has been so crazy. We have been trying to find out what we are even supposed to do here. If there is no sacrament how are we supposed to baptize people?

We had a decent week though. We had Esther's interview for baptism and it went really well. The zone leaders were pretty impressed with how well she knew everything. She is so smart and already basically knew everything before we taught her. It was simple.

Friday we had to go get Elder Dean from the mission home because all the missionaries going home this transfer went home on Sunday and his companion was one of them. We will be with him till Wednesday. I also was able to say bye to Williams’s there. It sucked but I’ll be home soon so it will be alright. We took some cool pictures.

Saturday we went around and then we had the baptism at 4. It was kind of weird but cool. We did the baptism and then confirmed them right after. I was the one who confirmed her and her brother baptized her. It was cool!! I've only confirmed 2 people now. We were looking at all of our preach my gospels where you write down your baptisms. I counted and have 30 baptisms exactly! It was kind of cool to sit and look at all of their names and stuff!

For church Sunday we just went around and visited a lot of members making sure they got the sacrament and were okay with everything. It was kind of cool to do it like that. Everyone was so sad we were not meeting anymore as a ward. It’s the only time during the week that everyone gets to see each other. Chrysler, Dean and I were sitting there last night and realized we didn't even take the sacrament we were so worried about everyone else.

Today we went to Accra and I got adjusted by Williams’s dad because he’s a chiropractor and came to fix all the missionaries. I went in so it was a little easier for me to get out of bed in the mornings without a sore back haha! Then we went to Tema station and bought some souvenirs.

We also got transfer news. I'm so excited!! The whole transfer I have been saying I want to go to Koforidua (ko-fo-ri-ju-a) and guess what?! My transfer news says im going there! I’m going to Osiem (o-see-em). It’s in koforidua and it’s deep in the bush! It’s the farthest east our mission goes. I'm excited! I can’t wait to get there and start the bush life again!

That’s about it for the week. We’re all doing fine with the virus they are telling us to have 2 week supply of food on hand just in case. I'm not worried though I don't think it’s really going to effect us.

Elder Orton
If any of you can guess what is wrong with the sign that has the food on it I’ll give you a high five. Then there is the baptism and just some other pics.


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