March 2, 2020


Tema, Ghana


Elder Chrysler

Goat and 6 months exact (week 78)

Hey there,

Well, we had a pretty good week this week. I’m not gonna lie, I really don't remember what happened before Friday because I was waiting for zone conference to come. I was excited about these phones they gave us. I’m not gonna lie, it’s actually really nice to have a smart phone but I hate it at the same time. If you have a nice phone here everyone wants to touch it and play on it. It’s annoying having to tell everyone to back off haha!

We did get a lot of new people this week. I think it’s the most I've got since when Oldroyd and I were topping 16 at sacrement and like 10 new people a week. This week we got 8 new people and had 4 at sacrament so that’s good! It’s the best I've had while ive been here!

Zone conference was good. We just talked about the phones the whole time and set them up.

On Saturday I went on exchange with Elder Dean, the zone leader, and we went and bought a goat and killed it. I got it all cut up and marinated so we could barbecue it today. It was so good! It was a lot like jerky. I was nervous because it was a billy goat and it stunk. After I skinned it and got it cut up the smell was gone. Everyone was really happy with it. I guess you could say Iknow what to do with meat haha! It’s very often that I get to do that here.

Sorry for a short letter. I don't really have anything to talk about.

Elder orton


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