February 3, 2020


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

(Week 74) 17 months down, 7 more to go


Well we had an okay week. It felt forever long but it was pretty short honestly. We had zone conference on Tuesday. That was not fun at all! 7 hours of just watching videos so we can get these smart phones. I don't want to get them anymore. There is going to be so much stuff we have to do to get them set up. We have to spend 2 hours every day when we get them to set them up and enter records in. We were both so pooped by the end of the day!

The next day we had interviews with president. It went alright. Then on Thursday we were supposed to go to the temple but Akpene called in the morning and said she wasn't feeling good so we canceled it. We will go in a few weeks.

We saw Rita and the kids on Saturday. We will be doing the interviews for them this week and then baptize them on Saturday! It’s going to be so cool!!

On Sunday they blessed their baby in church. It was pretty cool! They were all so happy. We took a picture with the whole family too. The rest of the day was long just waiting for transfer news. I hate waiting for news it is such a long day waiting. We had a pretty good week though. We got 6 new people and 4 people came to church. Noah still hasn’t come to church yet but we’re working on it.

Yesterday was Cook’s birthday so we soaked him pretty bad and he had the phone in his pocket so that thing had to soak in a little rice for a while hahahah.!

We finally got transfer news this morning and I'm staying in Tema and Cook is going to Teshie 3 to be with Williams. He's so lucky! I'm getting Elder Chrysler. I'm not sure where he's from yet but he's from the USA. That’s about all I know. Looks like I’ll be here one more transfer. I got what I wanted except I wanted to stay with Cook haha!

That’s all for the week.

Elder Orton
The pics are us making spring rolls in the apartment. Me and Cook with Nana's family at the chapel. A knife they call a cutlas. They use them to cut literally everything, trees, grass, even to cut apart cows or sheep when they kill them to eat. I'm bringing a few home.


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