January 20, 2020


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

I don’t have any idea what to put for subjects any more (week 72)

Hey there,

Well this week was pretty decent I guess. We had a good district council then we went out and taught a few people and then we went to the mall for pizza. It was Williams birthday on Wednesday but pizza is buy one get one free on Tuesdays so we got the deal haha!

Wednesday we started doing probably the smartest thing I have ever came up with. In our phones if it is an investigator we save the name as I then the persons name. There are so many in my phone so we started calling all of them we got to the letter D and called about 130 people. We got 16 people that said they wanted to meet with us! We will start seeing them all this week.

We have been teaching Nana's wife and kids about every other day as well. They love it! Her name is Rita but she asked two pretty difficult questions. At least when she asked them I couldn't think of what to say. She asked why the Book of Mormon didn't come with the bible which is way easy to answer. I'm not sure why I couldn't at the moment. The next one is she asked why Moroni was ressurected. She said that what she knew was only Jesus Christ was ressurected. Cook and I found a bunch of scriptures that talk about it so we got those answered. She had already read through the plan of salvation so that lesson was a breeze. Now we just need to do lesson 3 and then the commandments. We’re hoping we will baptize them all on the first of febuary. It will be so cool because Nana has the Aaronic priesthood so he will be able to baptize his whole family!

The rest of the week we just went around trying to find new people who are serious. Saturday we worked with kid who just came home from the Uganda Kampala mission. One of my buddys from American Fork, Jake Hardy, served with him. It was pretty cool! We were talking about him and about his mission. His name is Elder Crankson.

Nana and his whole family came to church again so that was awesome! Then today we had a zone activity at the chapel. We had a food competition. One person had to eat two things of ice cream then another had to eat two things of cookies and then someone had to drink two drinks. You know I killed the drinks! I downed them in like two seconds and made it so my team won the whole thing! It was pretty fun!

That’s all I can think of. Have a good week!

Elder Orton


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