January 9, 2020


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

Week 70 Nana’s baptism and New Years

Hi all,
Well we had an okay week but it was honestly pretty slow. Tuesday was new years eve so we were able to see a few people but seriously the town has been dead; not a soul in sight. That night none of us slept. 1 because we stayed up til 12 to say we made it to 2020 and 2 because there was so many parties and fireworks around that it was impossible to sleep. It was weird too. It was almost like someone flipped a switch to turn the homoton season on. It has been freezing at nights and so dry and dusty all the time since then. There was literally nobody around.

On Wednesday the sisters called us and told me and my companion they prepared food for us. We went and ate at one of the members houses with them. It was nice.

We had Nanas baptism on Saturday. I was kind of upset with how it was but he was happy. The ward mission leader didn't tell any of the members so we had our zone leaders there and three members. It was dumb but Nana was happy. It was awesome he looked different and he has changed since he decided not to follow through with the illuminati thing. I don't know what it is but two of my strongest converts are in this area. Him and Stephen. It’s pretty cool to see the change in people!

Sunday we confirmed Nana and also met a guy who is a less active that just decided he needed to come to church. We talked with him with some of the members and then we told him we would come and see him this week. He's worried about repentance so well see what we can do for him. He seems like a cool guy.

The rest the day we stayed in and played monopoly. Cook wasn't feeling good so hopefullly resting yesterday and today will help him. That’s really all that there is. Hopefully this week is more exciting.

Love you all,
Elder Orton


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