December 31, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

Week 69- Merry Christmas!


Well, it was a good last Christmas over here in Ghana. Honestly I wouldn't have even known it was Christmas if I didn't get to call home. I hate how over here it doesn't even feel like Christmas at all. It was alright though.

Tuesday we just went to as many people as we could. Most of the people weren't around because of Christmas but we did get to see a few people and invite them to the Christmas carols night that our ward was doing. They tried to get me and my companion and the other missionaries in our apartment to sing for everyone but you all know how much I love to sing in front of people. I shut that one down real quick. We ended up just reading scriptures that went along with the program. Afterward a few people came over and we got pizza and then hung out at my apartment with alot of missionaries. I think there was 8 of us.

Christmas day we went to sister Djanies house and had a nice meal. She fed us from 12 to 6. She legit just kept bringing out food! It was my whole district and then 4 other missionaries from the other areas in our zone. There was 14 of us.

Later that night I got to facetime home. It was nice to see everyone! Also nice to say I don't get to do that again haha. Next Christmas I’ll be home!

The rest of the week was pretty boring. Nobody was around so it was hard to find people to teach and most of our investigators weren't interested at all. We did get nana’s special interview and baptism interview done so this coming Saturday will be his baptism. At church only one of our refferals came. His name is Samuel. His girlfriend is one of the ysa that we work with a lot. He's pretty serious and I think we will baptize him. We taught him after church as well and he was really receptive.

I hope everyone has a good new years!

Elder Orton
Nana gave us some pretty cool kentey (fabric) for Christmas and I saw a horse with a colt sucking on it. They both look like crap but still pretty cool made me feel a little at home.


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