December 23, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

Week 68

Merry Christmas everyone,

Well, this week was alright. Tuesday we went to the temple with the Carlquists and then went out to eat with them after. They took us to this really good hamburger place. It was fun and we had a good time at the last supper with them haha. I’ll miss those guys a lot. I can’t wait to get home and see them again.

Thursday night we went to this pizza place with the people in the areas around us. There are a couple kids who came in that I get along with so we all hung out for a bit and then got pizza.

Friday our appointments fell through so we went to a few members and they all had friends over so we taught 5 new people that day.

Saturday was full of appointments as well but a lot of them fell through. We went and visited some part members trying to invite people to the Christmas church meeting.

We finished the lessons with Nana this week as well. Tomorrow we will be doing his baptism interview and then we just have to wait on president to do a special interview. That guy has come a long way. It’s going to be a good day when he gets baptized. He is pretty excited too. Sunday only Nana showed up to church so I was pretty bumbed. We had a lot of people who said they would come but they didn't end up coming. We’ll visit them this week. The hardest thing right now is trying to get people to come to church, but once they come they are usually hooked on it here. My ward is really good with that. They all come and meet the person and instantly start ministering to them so they feel very welcome. It makes it easy for us.
That wraps up the week. I hope everyone has a good christmas!
afenhyia pa (ah-fee-sha-pa) Merry Christmas!

Elder Orton
By the way, I found mustard and tortillas so I made breakfast burritos! So dang good!!


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