December 9, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

Week 66 Stevo’s baptism!!!!!


Well it was a heck of a week out here!! We got some serious people were teaching now. We had a good district council for once. We played a scripture chase game and most of the people in the district loved it. I just found some scriptures in preach my gospel and then I would read them off and they had to find the scripture. It was fun and way competitive.

The rest of the week was kind of long because I was waiting for Saturday to come. We found some serious people and hopefully will get to baptize them. My favorite part I think is when we teach the first lesson and you teach about Joseph Smith and the first vision. I always look at their faces before I start it and then after it’s so funny/cool. They always look so amazed and you can tell they are just thinking a million miles an hour. It’s awesome! Nothing else too exciting other then the baptism.

Saturday we went up to Akuse for Stevo’s baptism. We got there early so we went to the house and talked with him and Akpene for a bit. She was so happy! She kept yelling "My family is complete now!!!" It was awesome! You can see how they have both changed. The happiness and peaceful feeling in their house is so strong now. When I was baptizing him I forgot what I was supposed to say. I was so nervous. Then when they told me I was all choked up having a hard time talking. When I put him under and he came up he just kind of sat there for a second and then gave me a huge hug. He had the biggest smile on his face after. The rest the day we just hung out with them and had some good food.

On Sunday we were sitting in sacrament and Nana came walking in! It was so cool. He has been trying to come for a while but has always been so busy sewing for the holidays. He owns a seamstress shop. He's a cool guy. We had a 2 hour lesson on the plan of salvation with him and he said he didn't know enough to tell someone about it so we had to come with more so he could study it better. I was like well crap, I don't know too much more then what I just told you haha! We went home and found some more stuff about it.

Stevo called me after church to tell me about when he got confirmed. He told me he had a dream that night that he saw every missionary he had met and the ones he had turned down and they were all telling him congratulations and telling him he did the right thing. It was kind of cool! I wish I had dreams like that haha.

Well that's all. It was a pretty good week!
Elder Orton


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