November 18, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

Week 63. Transfers and devotional with Elder Kearon

Hey all,

Well sorry about last week! I was enjoying my time up in Akuse and didn't get back in time to write an email. This week was pretty fun! We had a lot going on.

Tuesday we had district council meeting and then we all went to the mall and got pizza as a goodbye for all the ones going on transfer. There was like 40 missionaries i swear! Then after we had the draft for the turkey bowl. Me, Olsen, Christensen and Williams all are the captains for the teams. We wrote down all the names of the missionaries that wanted to play and then we drafted teams. It was nice. I have a pretty stacked team so we’ll see how it goes. The game will be next Monday so I’ll let you know next week.

Wednesday was just a lot of goodbyes for Takavingofa. He's going to Aburi. I'm getting Elder Cook from South Carolina. It should be a good time. He's pretty young on his mission. He's only 6 months out.

Thursday was transfer day and we had a devotional with Elder Kearon from the 70. It was pretty crazy. I got to talk with a lot of the missionaries I haven't seen for a while.

Friday we went out and we actually had a pretty succesful day. We saw a lot of people. I tried to even it out so we saw a member then taught a lesson.

Saturday brother Tetteh went with us. That guy is so cool! I was sad he was leaving us for transfers but at the last minute president said he could stay with us and work with us and the other elders in our apartment. He was excited and so was I because we have been having alot of fun. He is a great teacher. I'm hoping he will teach me a lot. We got a refferal from a member that day and just answered a few of her questions and invited her to church. Her name is Dorus. She actually came to church too! I was pretty happy! Hopefully we get her on track for baptism as well. I counted how many people we could have for the zone christmas baptism on the 14 of December. We should have at least 4-5 for that day. Crazy considering they had 2 baptism dates when I got to this area just 10 weeks ago! I’m pretty pleased with what’s happening. Also on Saturday Stephen was able to meet with President Keyes and so we we’ll be having his baptism on Saturday! I’m so excited and he is so happy!!

Today I got a call from my old companion in Akuse and he said that Stevo has a baptism date set!! I about died! I hung up and called Stevo and he told me about it and he has asked if I could come baptize him. I'm hoping it will work out so I can go and baptize him! I think if that happens my purpose for coming here is finished haha!! Nah, just kidding, but I would be so happy!

That’s all I can really think of. My companion is cool and we get along! I think we will have a lot of success together.

Love you all,
Elder Orton

The pictures are my companion and I with a member. Second brother Tetteh and I with the same member. Third Elder Yrie, my old companion, and I. Last is Takavingofa and I saying goodbye.


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