November 13, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Takavingofa

Week 62

Hey everyone,

Tell wasn’t able to write an email this week. He has been busy (which is a good thing!) He did send me a few pictures and asked me to put a few things on here that we talked about on the phone.

The first thing that happened this week was the container from the USA came. April Hill is from the St. George area here in Utah and fills a huge container every so often with supplies like books, clothes, food etc. for schools and orphanages there in Ghana. She also fills the container with any packages for the missionaries. Tell was excited because his Christmas package was on this container. Too bad he’ll have to wait till Christmas to open it! All of the missionaries helped April unload the container and sort the items in the stake center. It took them most of the day and she was so grateful for the help! There are a few pictures attached to this email of him and his friends at the stake center unloading the packages. One picture in particular is him with another elder that he was friends with in the MTC there. He hasn’t seen him since the MTC and was so happy to talk to him and find out how everything has been going since then. April is amazing and the people there love her!

The second thing that happened this week was the baptism for Stephen that was supposed to happen on Saturday got postponed. He has a few personal issues that he is trying to sort out and he felt like he just wasn’t ready yet. Tell is positive the baptism will still happen and praying that it will happen soon. Please keep Stephen in your prayers and pray that everything will go smoothly with his baptism. They are having a baptism for the whole zone on December 14. Tell is looking forward to that and hoping that he has a few more ready to go for that one.

The next thing that happened this week was on Monday, his Pday, he went out to his old area in Akuse and visited Akpene and her boys. He told me that they were so excited to see him! He said the oldest boy was walking on his way home from school down the road when he spotted Tell off in the distance. He put his hands over his eyes and started smiling and laughing and just ran to Tell with his arms open wide to give him a big hug. He was so excited to see him! It was a fun reunion! There are a few pictures of Tell with them on this letter. How grateful I am for Tells Ghana mom Akpene and all she does for him. She is a blessing!

The last thing he wanted me to bring up was on Thursday he is getting a new companion. It is transfer day and his companion now is being transferred to Aburi in the mountains. His new companion will be Elder Cook. He has met his new companion a few times but doesn’t know that much about him. He says he is a cool kid and looking forward to getting to know him better.

I have also included a few pictures that a member in his ward sent me of them eating Sunday dinner with her and her family. Her name is Florence Menlanwauh.

That’s all for this week. Thanks so very much to all of you for your continued support and prayers. He feels them and loves you all!


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