November 4, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Takavingofa

Week 61

Hey all,

   Well not really much to say this week. We were a little discouraged about Brother Stephen on Tuesday. We finished the lessons and he said he still hadn't received an answer. We told him to keep praying and then we went back the next day and kinda laid it on him. We bore our testimonies and promised his prayer would be answered and then we left. Short and simple so he would have time to think. Then we were just riding past the next day and he called us over and said he had received an answer and that he wanted to be baptized. It was cool!! He was so happy! Saturday we had him interviewed and he passed so this coming saturday we will baptize him! That guy is so cool! I am so happy! He has already said he wants us to help him get ready for a mission. We’ll get him into mission prep and seminary class and get him ready to go. He is cool.

We also saw Nana this week and taught him about the Book of Mormon. He said that he already knows it’s true. He even came to church on Sunday again. Hopefully tomorrow we can see him and get him moving towards baptism.

On Sunday we got 3 referrals. We will start teaching them this week as well. Things are definitely changing around here. Sunday we had a little chastisement session with the ward council and I think the ward will start progressing with missionary work now. It makes me feel good and takes a lot of pressure and stress away honestly.

Last night we went to Adjorman and visited a few people. We slept at Williams place then went this morning to a bunch more people.
That’s all for this week.

Elder Orton
The first two pictures are just members in our ward. The other ones are a family that got baptised right after i left Adjorman. It was good to see them again.


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