October 21, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Takavingofa

Week 59- The power of the Priesthood

Hey there,

This week was pretty good. Tuesday we had a zone meeting and we had pizza after so that was about the only good part about it. Then that night Eshun and his companion came over and I cut his companions hair. He gave me 5 Cedi so I think I got a little business going on over here. Then my companion, Elder Eshun and Williams and I all met at the mall and got pizza again because Eshun hit one year. We just hung out for a bit.

Wednesday we had interviews with President Keyes and then we went and proselyted a bit. After that Elder Olson from Spanish Fork and Elder Connor, a new guy, from North Carolina came over and we had a big poker game. It was pretty dang fun! Elder Connor is fetchin cool and if you know Luke Combs, the country singer, he said that they grew up together in the same neighborhood. He even had a picture to prove it haha!

The next day we went out and proselyted. We found a new guy who is way cool! He asked us how powerful our church was. I didn’t really know how to answer it. I tried and my companion did too then he ended up just telling the guy that the best way to find out is to come to church and see for himself. He said he would come. After talking to him we went to visit a family. Do you remember the guy who was in the accident I talked about last week? His name is Brother Alex. He came home so we went and visited him. He was suffering so bad! I felt bad sitting there looking at him and how much pain he was in. I finally asked if he wanted a blessing and he said yes. I instantly felt like I needed to do the blessing. I had elder Takavingofa do the annointing. The spirit was so dang strong it was crazy! I remember starting and I couldn't even talk it felt like there was something smashing my chest because it was so powerful. I don't remember even saying anything but words were coming out of my mouth, before the blessing he said he was going to have to get plastic surgery but I remember saying that he didn't need to worry. He would be able to be healed and get back to work and be able to support the family. I could literally feel the power flowing through my hands into him. When I finished he was bawling. He couldn't say anything but thank you. Then he said that as soon as I ended the blessing the pain went away from his leg completely. The whole rest of the night I couldn't even talk. I just sat and thought about what had happened. I always hear those kind of stories but I never once thought it would happen to me. The rest of the week we just did our normal rounds. We saw him again Saturday and he was smiling and moving around and looked like a completely different person. It was so cool!

Sunday we went to curch and when we got there we didn't see Nana the new guy we met. I was disappointed honestly but then we got a call from a random number and my companion left and came back in with him. He stayed for the whole thing and was upset he was late so he didn't get to be there for everything. He said, “well I guess next week I’ll have to be early.” I about fell off of my chair haha! It was cool!

I hope everyone had a good week.

Elder Orton


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