October 15, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Takavingofa

Week 58- meat anyone?

Hey there,

Well this week was so slow I feel like but it wasn't at the same time. We started off the week with a good district council. Everyone is new so we just had everyone introduce themselves and then I asked everyone what they would like to discuss/learn in district council meetings. It was effective in my last district so I think we will try it here. I had to do some interviews for the sisters most of the day they had 3 for me to do and I swear they don't know how to get anywhere in their area. They directed the taxi the longest way possible every time. We got back to the area and went and saw a few people.

The rest of the week we just had normal days. Friday night we went to visit a family. They are members but the husband was in an accident so we went to see if we could do anything for them. They showed us a video of the accident. He crashed his motorcycle into a car. It was the cars fault but it skinned his leg from the knee to the ankle. In the video you could just see skin hanging from his leg and see the muscle and the bone it was so nasty. He's still in the hospital so hopefully he gets better soon. They are all recent converts so they aren't that strong in the church yet but hopefully this will help get them to come back if the ward stays busy keepinng in touch with him. While we were there they told us to teach the brother. He is staying there helping with his shop and taking care of the family while his dad is in the hospital. He is pretty serious and likes this girl in our ward that goes to teach with us sometimes so she has been helping with him haha!

Sunday we just went to church and then went to a few members houses. We’re trying to start seeing a lot of members to try and get them to be excited about missionary work. It’s starting to work but we should be getting more soon. That’s all for now.

Have a great week.

Elder Orton

PS For all of you who know anything about meat here’s a few pics of how much marbeling the meat in Ghana has... let me know when you find it!


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