September 9, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Yrie

Week 53- sick and zone conference

Hey there,

Well this week was full of events... We had an okay day on Tuesday. We got two new people and taught all the people we’re preparing for baptism on the 15th.

Wednesday was full of appointments as well. It has been raining every day at about 2 in the afternoon here this whole week. At about 8 that night Akpene called and asked where we were. She had prepared food for us so we went back and got it and took it back to the apartment because it was still raining pretty good. It was rice ball with palm nut soup and cheese. They take milk and turn it into a cheese and grill it. It tastes alright but it’s still not anything like home. I ate it at like 9 and went to bed. I woke up and threw up 7 times that night and then another 3 times in the morning. We stayed home til about 2 and I thought I could make it to at least a few appointments. We got to Akpenes shop and I started dying. I was sweating and shaking and light headed and thought I was going to throw up so we went home. I slept the rest of the day and felt fine. I thought I had malaria because I was so sick. I was hoping I didn’t! I took the test and it was negative! That was the blessing for the week I guess haha!

Friday we went to zone conference in Ho. It was a good time. I was worried I would have to throw up or get sick during the day but I was actually alright the whole day. It was nice to see some of the boys though.

Saturday we went out and there was 2 huge funerals and a wedding so that wiped out all of Akuse. It legit felt and sounded like a ghost town except around those events. Most of our investigators were gone to those events. We spent the whole day trying to find some people to teach but everyone kept saying they don’t live here and wouldn't listen to us. It started raining at 2 like usual so we just ended up going and sitting in Stevos shop and talked to him for a while.

Sunday we had two baptismal interviews. Only the one passed. The other one we will have to work with. She is living with her boyfriend. She said she wants to be baptized and she will figure out living arrangements. The zone leaders said they would come back in a couple weeks to see if she has it worked out. We were supposed to have another interview but she had traveled (went on vacation) and wont be back til this evening. We will do that this week and then baptize her on the 21. We’re having a zone baptism; the whole zone will have people there to baptize. Hopefully it is cool. Today Maddox and his companion came up early this morning. We went to Akpenes and she made us food then we came to his area for the cafe. That’s all this week.

Love, Elder Orton

First is a picture of the rain in front of the chapel on its way to try and kill us haha! It rained for probably 3 hours. Some pictures of zone conference and the streets on the way to zone conference. I am sitting by Elder Dean, Elder Mitchell and Elder AdlardI. Last picture is I opened my new set of clothes at the one year mark. Look at the difference in the white shirts!!


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