September 2, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Yrie

(Week 52) 1 year down, 1 to go!!

Hey all,

This week was slower than slow I’ll be honest! I don't know why. It was my first district council on Tuesday and I’ll be honest, it wasn't really that great. Hopefully they go better as it goes on.

We have been teaching a girl named Annabell and will be interviewing her for baptism on Sunday. Hopefully that goes good. She is smart! All the lessons we teach she understands and can tell you all about them. She’s only 11 but her grandma and aunt are members so she comes with them. We also worked with two other women this week. We will be baptizing them with Annabell on the 15 of September.

We had an exchange on Thursday and Friday with Asutsuare. I went with Eshun to my area and my guy went with Lelekumo. It was kind of nice to be with someone I can talk normal English with and don't have to explain everything I say two or three times.

Friday was my one year mark and it felt good to say I only have exactly a year left. Hopefully when I get in my new area in a few weeks everything will start to pick up again and move faster.

Saturday we went to Asutsuare for their baptisms. They had two. It was a mess! Not organized at all! I don't think doing the baptisms on Saturdays are good here in Africa. Nobody comes on Saturdays. It’s nice when you do it after church so the branch just stays.

Sunday was pretty fun! We went to church then went and ate at Akpene’s. Then we went and hung out at the clubhouse with them after.

Other then that, there is nothing else really to say. We have zone conference this week so hopefully I have more pictures and things to talk about.

Love you all,
Elder Orton

PS. I made some dang nice pancakes and put peanut butter and jam on them. I about died! They were so good!!


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