August 26, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Yrie

Week 51 goodbye Oldroyd

Hey everyone,

Well this week was a little rough but it’s alright I can’t do anything to make Oldroyd come back haha. We started off by going around and saying goodbye to a lot of people on Tuesday and then hung out at Akpene’s. It was sad when he told them bye. Stevo and Akpene were both crying. Then Wednesday rolled around and Stevo and Akpene and the boys came over in the morning and helped get Oldroyd's stuff to the road. We then talked until the taxi got there to pick him. We took pictures and then sent him off. Me and Elder Eshun waited till our companions got there. They got there around 12. We then we came to the apartment and unpacked his things. Then we just went around to a few members. We ended up teaching a members two granddaughters and we’re hopefully going to baptize them on the 15 of September. We have been setting dates for the 15 and then the 29 of September. We should hopefully have 5 on both of those days making it 10.

The rest of the week I just showed him around and taught a few lessons with some new investigators who are pretty serious actually.

Saturday we had an open house for our new district center they just built in Kpong. Our job being the missionaries was to talk about the church. It was open to all. We had a lot of people come because they all want to know about our church. My companion and I were in charge of teaching the families and temples part. It was a tour so they were in groups and they would go around from room to room and there were missionaries in all the different places. It was pretty cool actually. It was tiring and to be honest when we got home I just wanted to go to bed haha. It was like 4:30 when we got home. We ended up going out to Kadjanya and meeting a few people out there.

Sunday we had interviews and just saw a few members around. That’s about all for the week. I hope everyone had a good week.
Love you all,
Elder Orton

PS I made the spaghetti that Grandma Field sent in the suit case. I started eating it and had to add some pepe powder (chili powder.) It was way too bland haha! I guess I’m used to the heat here!


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