August 20, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Oldroyd

Week 50 transfer news and Ama’s baptism

Hey there,

Well this week went by way too fast! We had a good time this last week with Oldroyd. I'm not sure who will cry more when he goes home, me or the whole Akuse branch. It’s crazy the difference we have made here in this branch. They haven't had a baptism in almost a year and then we come along and baptize 8 in two transfers!! It’s crazy how successful we were together. Hopefully we can keep it that way!

Tuesday was Akpene’s birthday. We had all pitched in and paid for a bunch of tilapia and stuff to make banku and pepe. It was a lot of fun sitting around the table eating and talking with her and everyone else. She was so happy and you could tell she enjoyed the whole day.

The next few days we went out to the villages and taught a few people here and there and saw a lot of members. The area is really spread out. Oldroyd wanted to say goodbye to a lot of the people in the villages so that we didn't have to go out there tomorrow.

Saturday we had the Africa west service project. Akuse and Asutsuare branches both met at the Asutsuare clinic and we all cleaned it up. We painted it, weeded and trimmed the trees, and just made the building look a lot nicer. Akpene has the pictures on her phone so I’ll have to have her send them to me and I’ll send them sometime.

Sunday we had a baptism for a lady named Ama. She is from one of the villages named Kadjanya. Oldroyd bore his going home testimony and we hung out with a lot of the members at the chapel after and talked and took pictures. The whole branch kept saying, “don't worry,us and Elder Orton will cry together.” It was kind of funny but true at the same time. Everyone was saying how much they will miss him and how happy they were that we were both here. It was cool. After we went and ate fried rice at Akpene’s and then went to the clubhouse and got drinks and kebabs and played cards and hung out for a while. It was fun! Then we went to the district presidents house and hung out with them for a bit. When we got home we just kind of sat around and waited for transfer news to come. It came and I'm going to be the district leader now and I’ll also be getting my first African companion named Elder Yrie. I have no idea how to say his name but hopefully he's a good kid so we can get some stuff done. We have about 10 more people were hoping to get baptized within these next few weeks. Hopefully we can make it work. I’ll be the only white elder in my district so that will be weird. I've only been with white guys haha.

Other then that, that wraps up the week. This week will be crazy with transfers.
I love and miss everyone
Elder Orton


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