August 7, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Oldroyd

Week 48- Huntin, fishin and lovin every day

Hey all,

Well this week was alright. We went for district council on Tuesday and then it started raining so we went to a chop bar to chop some fufu. We just talked and had a good time till it stopped raining so we could get a moto to go back to Akuse.

The rest of the week was just filled with appointments and waiting for Austin to call haha. It was pretty funny! I was buying some talapia on the street and another missionary called and said "someone wants to talk to you." I was confused then Austin got on and said, “hey man what’s up?” I sat there for a second and then realized what was going on haha.

We ended up going to the temple on Friday and doing a session. We weren't able to see Austin but our temple trip and session was dang good! It was nice to take a breather and go to the temple and refresh.

Saturday we went to the villages and taught everyone we had missed for a bit. While we were there a guy came walking past and he had a dang shotgun! I about died! We got to take pictures with his gun. He didn’t have any bullets or I would have shot something with it. The guy catches grasscutter (rats) and shoots them and sells them for 50$ each. They are a delicacy here in the bush. That night we went to some members and they were going fishing so we went and caught some nice catfish with them. They were fetchin huge!

Sunday we were supposed to confirm Rebecca but she didn't come to church. After church we went and saw her and she said she had come in late the night before so she needed to rest. Hopefully she will come next week.

Akpene hooked us up and pounded some dang nice fufu and we ate so much. We were both dying after!

Elder Orton.


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