July 23, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Oldroyd

Week 46 Happy birthday to me in July

Hey all,

Well this week was alright. We just had a couple things that went wrong. We had a good week going. We had a lot of appointments. We went to James and Rebecca’s home and prepared them for baptism. When we went to James’ home he said when he called to get his dads birth date for the form his dad asked why he needed it. He said he was getting baptized in the church he was now attending. His dad is a pastor I guess and told James he would disown him as his son if he was baptized. That put a damper on our day. We gave him a new date and told him to pray and decide what he should do. We went to clean the baptism font so we could still baptize Rebecca. We got it cleaned and went to start filling it and someone broke the pipe so we couldn't fill it. We just pushed it to next week. Hopefully everything works out.

On Wednesday we went to a members house and they had grass cutter (giant rats) they were gutting. We helped them and then they fed it to us in a soup. It was nice. It didn't taste too bad but the fact that I was eating a rat was what started getting to my head... it was alright though. Maybe when I get home I’ll have to cook up some muskrats for everyone and not tell you guys until after. Ha ha!

This week we have zone conference and a lot of people we have to go see. We’re hoping to have 9 more baptisms on the 18 of August before Oldroyd goes home. We got a lot of work to do to get them all ready.

Elder Orton

Pictures this week are me with Akpene’s kids, eating grass cutter-yum! And my birthday package that finally came! Just a few months late but thank you so much!!


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