July 15, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Oldroyd

Week 45- Bummer week

Hey everyone,

Well this week was good because I got to stay with Oldroyd but it sucked because Cottam went home. We talked all the time so it’s just weird that he's home now. With everyone going home and talking about going home in the next few transfers I'm starting to feel it. It makes me wish I was going home with them.

We had an overall decent week though. We got some lessons taught and we have 3 of the 4 people were going to baptize this coming Sunday ready. One is interviewed and passed and the other 3 we are going to get done this week. The one that passed is named James. He's 18 and is way smart. He could answer all the questions without even thinking. It will be cool to see him progress in the church. I think he will go on a mission when he is done with high school. The other three are named Pat, AMA and Rebecca they don't speak English but they are still pretty committed. We also confirmed Smart, Dorcus Nico and Martin on Sunday. It was cool! I confirmed Dorcus. That was cool! It was my first time. I’ll admit I was pretty nervous but it went pretty good.

This week we also started working with a part member family. The Gershons. The husband is a member but the wife and the three kids are not. We’re hoping to have them baptized. We have a bunch of people we are setting for the 18 of August.

I don't know anything else to say. We have a fake snake we take around with us scaring people now. It’s pretty fun haha!! Cottam gave it to me when he left. I found a ranger yesterday that is almost identical to mine it kinda scared me for a second. I thought it was mine haha. Also there is a picture of what they do with power lines when they fall down. Pretty safe I think hahahah! Also pictures of us and Cottam saying goodbye to Akpene and her family.

Love you all,
Elder Orton


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