July 1, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Oldroyd

(Week 43) Zone conference week


Well this week wasn’t that special. We’re still having a lot of fun here in Akuse. It’s crazy the work we’re getting done here! This Sunday we’re hoping to have a few more baptims. We’ll work with them like crazy this week so that our dang zone leaders can’t throw anything at us when they interview them. The zone leaders have learned a-lot of things from us since Elder Oldroyd came here. They were trying to tell us we had to wait a week to baptize them after they have been interviewed. After arguing with them over text all day we called President that night and settled the issue. He would like for us to wait a week normally but where it is the ones who didn't pass already the first time when they should have he said it is fine if we do it the following Sunday. I don't think it’s right. If they pass the interview they could be baptized the very minute after because they are ready. Oh well, just opinions.

Other then that most of our appointments fell through this week. Oldroyd and I were pretty worked up by the end of the week and we were starting to argue a lot. I finally said, “you know lets buy a chicken and have a bbq so we can just sit and relax and quit pissin each other off.” So Saturday morning we went down to the market and bought us a chicken and killed it. We’re gonna have a bbq Tuesday. It should be pretty good.

Tonight we’ll go get pizza with Elder Cottam and a few others. We’ll travel to his area which isn't too far for his second to last p-day on mission. It’s weird to think about. Next Monday we’ll kill a pig and roast it before he goes home.

I love and miss you all. Today will be a picture overload because I’m in a nice cafe this week.
Elder Orton


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