June 24, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Oldroyd

(Week 43) Rippin lips and a few baptisms

Hey everyone,

Well this week was an over all good week! We got some new people and set a few dates for baptism. We also had two baptisms. So an overall dang good week!

We had an exchange on Wednesday and Thursday with the Asutsuare elders. I went with Williams and Oldroyd went with Eshun to Asutsuare. It was an okay day. Thursday the zone leaders came out and did some interviews for us. They only passed two of the 6 of our people. I was pretty mad, I’m not gonna lie. They didn't pass the one because " he doesnt seam ready and he didn't know the law of chastity." First of all he is 9 years old and second his whole family are members. His grandma is the relief society president and his grandpa was the one that got baptized. The reason they didn't pass the others is because they couldn't tell him what all the pamphlets were. I told him that that’s not correct. We teach people and we teach them according to their needs. Not by pamphlets. That’s how that day ended.

The next day was pretty good. We got another person to teach and then we set a baptism date as well with one of our new investigators. He's a really serious kid. He's 18 and we’re hoping to get him baptized and then work with him about going on a mission. That will be pretty cool!

Saturday two of the members took us fishing. That was a heck of a time. We would set the hook in the water with a worm on it and instantly a fish would be on it. Most of them were really small but they don't care. They just fry them and eat them like popcorn chicken. It was a fun day! Later we went back and they had cooked them all and made rice and stew. We got to eat what we caught! It was pretty enjoyable! We had acheived all our goals for the week so it wasn't stressful that we weren't out working.

Sunday was a good day! The power was out and I was actually thankful. We had 10 investigators at sacrement. It was really quiet because you had to be so you could hear the people giving talks with the power out. The talks were all in English as well so it was nice. We actually could understand. The spirit was really strong. After church we had the two baptisms and then we had interviews with president after. I told him I wanted to stay with Oldroyd and he told him he wanted to stay with me. It was funny because he asked us if we had planned it out. He said I’ll see what I can do but I think the Lord will have to choose for us.

That’s about all I have for this week. Here’s a few pictures for you guys.
love you all and hope your all doing good.
Elder Orton

Pictures this week are a fire pit we found by our apartment. If you put the roof back on it can be an oven. (No one here has ovens but they say this one works and they’ve baked a cake in it before). We cooked hamburgers on it. Yum! We planted some okra plants with a start we got from a member and they’re growing! Seerum and I playing with a little car I got him. He was so happy! Serrum sitting in the bowl getting ready for a bath. Don’t worry, they have specific bowls set aside to bathe the kids. They don’t eat or cook with those. The rice fields and a rice combine they use to harvest. It’s so cool! Our fishing trip with a few members. My “mountain man” breakfast I eat every morning. The baptisms we had Sunday.


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