June 17, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Oldroyd

Week 42-RIP Dorene

Hey everyone,

This week started off okay. We had district council on Tuesday and then we started our exchange with the zone leaders. Tuesday we went around to everyone out in Kadjanya and Dormeliom and taught them the law of chastity. We found out that Victoria is living with her boyfriend. They aren't married so we can’t baptize her. Now we only have 6 to baptize but that’s still a lot!

Wednesday we went and saw a few people around the town and then went to Stevo and Akpenes at night. We talked to Stevo about 2 Nephi 26. It’s about false churches. We’re just trying to get him to accept the BOM. He already has but trying to show what it means and such.

When we came in to the apartment I noticed Dorene the hedgehog wasn't moving. I checked and unfortunately our apartment pet has passed away. Anyone is invited; we will be having a funeral for it tonight.

Thursday was a pointless day. The zone leaders called the whole zone together and had a meeting with everyone. It was so dumb and it just drug out for 3 hours! Something that could have taken an hour was 3 hours!

Friday we hit it hard again and we went to the villages and went over all of the baptism interview questions with them so they would remember. Other then that we had a good week. I'm still having fun with Oldroyd and I'm glad we’re together so we can get stuff done out here in the bush.

I love everyone, and miss you all. Sorry about the pics this week this computer is broken so Ican’t send them this week.
Elder Orton


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