April 29, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Tollestrup

Week 35

Hey everyone,

Since I wrote home on Wednesday last week nothing really has happened. We had a good time Saturday. Our branch had a temple trip so we tagged along. It was amazing! We filled one tro tro with youth and then two with adults. The ride to Accra was awesome! I’ve never seen anyone so happy. They were all singing and shouting. Akpene went through and got her endowments out. She was really happy but she kept saying how crazy it was. I kept telling her don't try to remember anything just remember the experience. It was really weird going through with all the changes they have made. It was so much shorter and different then the past times I have been through. The next day at church we had a lot of people come. I’m not sure what happened I guess the temple was a good thing for them. We had about 4 different people bring refferals to church with them so we have some new people to go teach.

Yesterday we had an free meal and they fed us akpele and okro. It’s corn dough not sour like banku. I ate 4 balls of it about the size of a softball. It was so dang good! I don't know if it was because I was so dang hungry or what but it was really good. After that we went to another member and they fed us two more balls the same size of banku and okro. I was dying after. My companion wanted to go to some more but I told him if I even thought about eating anything else I was probably going to die so we went back to the apartment. Once we got home Elder Williams from Asutsuare cut my hair.

I can’t think of anything else. I can’t wait to get to a nice cafe where I can send some pictures. We’re trying to get access to the computers at a college close to us so we don't have to travel far. There is good internet to talk and send pictures.

I love you all and hope you have a good week, don't miss me too much!

Elder Orton


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