April 24, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Tollestrup

Week 34 Happy Easter!!

Hello all,

Well, this week was okay still not really doing anything with people teaching wise. We did go and kill a bunch of quail on saturday with a member in Asutsuare and then we went to a less active family in town. The husband came to me a while back and said he wanted to come back to church for good and said he was having some problems. He asked me for help on what he should do. I told him some stuff to do and how to make church more meaningful and so on. Then we gave him a talk to read through. He asked us to come go through it with him. While we were going through it you could tell the spirit was there and it was very strong. His wife came an joined in part way through and then at the end asked if we would give them a blessing. We gave him one first. It was cool and spiritual but then when his wife sat down I had a hard time trying to even say the annointing blessing and then when Tollestrup got up to seal it he couldn't talk and everyone was crying except me. For some reason I just never cry in situations I don’t know why? It was a very good and powerful time. The next day they both came to church! It was awesome! It was a good meeting as well. We watched the first session of Sunday conference together as a branch.

Easter here is pretty crazy! One of the churches took a person and actually beat him to death and called him jesus. It was messed up! Other then that it’s just a bunch of conventions and celebrations everywhere for different churches and such.

Cottam and his companion came and stayed th night on Sunday. We went to Akpenes all day. It was a holiday so the cafe was closed so we couldn’t email home. It was fun to be with Cottam and be with them at Akpenes. It was nice to relax.

Other then that I don't have anything else.

Elder Orton

Pictures this week are of the baptism we had a few weeks ago for Charity and Sandra. Me with Brother and Sister Carlquist at my birthday dinner. Me with my friend Rowland. He is the only person in town with a laptop and lets me borrow it to send pictures home to you.


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