April 15, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Tollestrup

Week 33 A decent average week

Hey everyone,

Well this week was just normal. We had our normal days just proselyting being missionaries.

On Friday we had an exchange with Elder Williams and Elder Eliason in Asutsuare. Williams came with me and my comp went to his area. It was the first time in almost 6 weeks that I sat down and had a normal lesson. I’ve missed it! Williams and I taught a girl named Vivian. We taught her the restoration and it was a very good and powerful lesson. I felt like it was effective and even Williams said if there are lessons like that she will be baptized in no time. Hopefully we can do that.

Saturday was the big day when “ol billy” died. We bought a goat a few weeks ago and let it mow the lawn for us and then we killed it Saturday. I skinned it and quartered it and cut the backstraps out. It was pretty fun. My comp and Elder Eliason watched me and they are city kids so they were a little traumatized to be honest. But they pushed through it and then we ate it today haha. Me and Elder Williams enjoyed it. He's from Delta so it’s nothing new to him. We took the lungs and blew them up with our mouth and then we disected the heart and looked at it so we had a little animal science going on as well. Lid would be proud! It was a great time.

Today we had Elder Jones and his comp Elder Stokes and Elder Maddox and Elder Barton his comp come up and we grilled it and had banku and okro stew with it. It was amazing!! I marinated the goat after we cut it all up in spade L and it was way good.

That’s all for now.

Elder Orton

Pictures 1-4 are the Vulta Lake and dam
5-7 the goat dinner


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