April 8, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Tollestrup

Week 32-conference

Hey all,

Well, this week was nothing special. I think all of us missionaries were all hoping there would be a change to the length of missions to 18 months this conference.

This week was just full of a lot of free meals and trying to find some serious people. We did have the oppurtunity to give two blessings this week and it really made me understand how powerful the priesthood is.
The first blessing was for Akpene. We were at a members house on Tuesday and got a call that she was really sick and that we needed to go give her a blessing. We peddled over there and she was laying on the floor on a blanket just sicker then sick. We gave her a blessing and she got up and said I'm going to prepare you food. We tried stopping her but with in about 10 minutes she was back to normal and was cooking us banku and okro stew. It was cool!!

The second blessing was with an investigator named Elizabeth. She scares me somehow but mostly because she puts my beard, chest hair and leg hair to shame... it’s creepy... but she was really sick as well. We went and met with her and she said she is having problems with her heart and blood pressure. We asked if she would like a prisethood blessing and explained what it was and that stuff. Hopefully it opens her eyes and will make her a little more serious about learning. We haven't been to see her in a couple days but we will go see her and ask her how she felt.

Yesterday we were able to baptize two women. One was named Charity. She stays in Dormeliom, the mud hut village outside of town. She doesn't speak a lick of English so we always need to have a translater with us. The other was Sandra. She stays in Amedica, another village outside of town. She can speak English though. She’s slower and has a leg problem so we always have to tell her how blessed she will be if she comes to church. It’s hard for her to get there with her leg and she doesn't have money to pay for a moto every week. She comes pretty often though and she knows it’s all true. It was a good day.

Other than that we were able to watch one of the sessions of conference yesterday with an investigator on his laptop. It was really good!

love you all,

Elder Orton

I got a few of my pictures from last weeks email to work today.
The first two is a crawdad we caught and I ate.
The next one is my birthday dinner with the Carlquists. It was so good! Roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad and ranch dressing!!
The last one is the town of Senchi where the Carlquists live.


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