April 1, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Tollestrup

Week 31

Hey all,

Well, my week was pretty good. We had a lot of great experiences! I am loving life and I have never been happier! The people here are so humble and I think I have found my purpose as a missionary here in Akuse.

We had fun on Tuesday for my birthday! We made brownies in the microwave and ate ice cream. After we just had some lessons and a couple people fed us as well.

The rest of the week we just taught a few lessons and found people. Friday we went to Asutsuare chapel and downloaded the Rome temple video. Saturday we went to sister Irene’s. She feeds us every day for lunch so I plugged in my drive and played the video for her and her husband. He is an elder for the Pentecost church. It was interesting and the spirit was so strong!! I was amazed. We were all silent during the whole video. They both had an issue with the baptisms for the dead so we decided to come back in the evening when we had more time to discuss. I'm not sure how he took the lesson but we felt good after that.

We also we played the video for Akpene and her husband Stevo. He isn’t a member and my goal is to have him baptized by the time I leave here. We started the first lessson with him that night as well and we’re going to be teaching him now so I think it’s going to happen!

The other thing is the baptisms didn't happen. The main water line broke this week so hopefully they have it fixed so we can do it this coming Sunday!

They told us that general conference for all of West Africa will be played on the 20 and 21 of April instead of this coming week so they can play all the sessions. So if any news comes you all will know before me! Hopefully some good stuff happens!

Tonight the senior couple will feed my district for my birthday. They know how much I love steak so they are going to prepare steak and potatoes and gravy for us. I can’t wait!
love and miss you all!
Elder Orton

Pictures will have to come next week. These dang computers in the bush suck!!


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