March 25, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Tollestrup

President pulling through for us (week 30)

Hey all,

Well, this week nothing eventful happened. We got a lot of free meals. There is a lady who feeds us everyday. We ate so much rice with her this week and some banku. We also went to see an investigator while we were there they were pounding fufu. We stayed and helped and then they gave us some. I’ll admit I've had a lot of ground nut soup but that was probably the best one I've ever had! I'm for sure going back there for it again haha.

We had zone conference on Tuesday. It was fun to see all the boys again. It was the last zone conference with Elder Glance.

On Friday we had interviews with president. Elder Williams is in my district leader in Asutsuare. He called me at like 6 that morning and said, “you should ask president to bring us pizza when he comes.” He always comes to Akuse apartment and does our district because we are in the bush and far away from everyone. I told him that was stupid and that he wouldn't do it. He decided to text President and said "good morning President Keyes, as you are coming to Akuse today, will you stop and get us pizza? with much love, Elder Williams" He never texted back but when he got to the apartment he said, “sorry guys, I didn’t have time to get you pizza but while I was getting gas I saw pizza pringles. I figured that was close enough.” It was awesome! We all told Williams was stupid but president was really goign to do it haha!!

We had district conference for the Kpong district Saturday and Sunday as well. I'm in a branch now and the branch is in a district. It was a prettty great time actually and it was in English not Dunbe so I could understand for once haha.

Other than that nothing else happened. Thanks for the thoughts about my birthday!

love and miss you all,
Elder Orton

Picture 1 is a banana farm
2- a cool forest
3- President with the pringles
4- more of the forest
5- Tollestrup lifting weights with Celicum
6- Tollestrup helping build a mud hut
7- Seerum with my tag on
8- Akpenes kids
9- Seerum and Celi
10- me and Seerum and Celicem. They are Akpenes kids
11-Seerum with my tag on
12- our new apartment
13- more forest
14- One of the boys in Dormeliom
15- the girl in the white shirt was leaving for school and she’s our friend so we took some pictures with her
16- some snails I caught after the storm. We’re going to eat them.
17- One of the boys in Dormeliom
18- More pictures with our friend on her way to school.
19- the Vulta river and bridge
20- a giant rat
21- another picture with the kids going to school
22- Vulta river and bridge
23- my buddy in Dormeliom
24, 26, 28 & 30-Tollestrup and I in rice field
25 & 27- on a moto out to Dormeliom
29, 31& 33- banana farm. They put blue bags on them to keep birds away
32- forest on our bike
34- cool picture of the sky
35-38 is zone conference. The last picture is my buddy Elder Glance who’s going home soon.


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