March 11, 2019


Akuse, Volta, Ghana


Elder Tollestrup

Akuse feels like home (week 28)

Hi there,

Well, I love my new area!! It’s so much like home. There’s a little town with some shops and houses and then when you go out of the town there is just rice farms everywhere. It’s green and then there is a few houses every now and again. It’s way cool!! It’s just like when you leave Spanish Fork to go to Benjamin or anywhere like that. I love it!! I think the best part is there are tractors that drive up and down the street in the middle of town with plows and disks on.

When we got to the area Wednesday, we went and saw some people. Just a few members then when it got dark and I went and unpacked. The last couple of days we just went and saw a bunch of people as well some investigators and some members. I’m not sure if he's just trying to show me around first or what but we just sit at peoples houses and haven't taught. I guess I’ll have to get this area built up as well. The people love me here already though. I show them pictures of the farm back home and they all love it! I hope I can get some farmers soaked out here.

My companion is from California. He's a surfer and knows nothing about the farm. It sucks because my last companion knew everything about it. But it’s best to not compare companions. It’s been kind of fun teaching him about everything. The first day he asked what I want to do when I get home. I said I'm goign to go to school to do embryo transfer AI and IVI. He just looked at me and was like what the heck is that. I just explained it to him and he was like well I guess that’s cool. He's pretty cool though. Hopefully its a good transfer with him.

I love you all and I hope everyone is doing good. I’ll have more pictures of the farms and stuff next week.
Elder Orton

Pictures this week:
1 Gyimah trying to show off.
2 Fabric I bought for some more shirts.
3-5 Me and brother and sister Sowa. Brother Sowa reminds me of Grandpa Johnson a lot.
6 Palm nuts they use to make soup.
7-9 Me, Cottam and Gyimah at the Asare family for my last free meal with them.
10-11 Me and brother Asare my buddy.
12 Gyimah
13-14 Me and Gyimah with our bags packed and ready to go.
15-17 Me and Tollestrup at Irene’s house pounding fufu and playing a game.
18-19 Syrum with my belt buckle on.
20 A picture of a house in Ghana I sent my mom to scare her. I told her that my house looks like this one! 😂


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