March 4, 2019


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Gyimah and Elder Cottam

Week 27

Hey there,

Well, this week was good! It was my last week in my area. I'm kind of sad but it will be good to learn a new area. We got a free meal on Wednesday from Sister Eshun. She was pretty upset. She kept saying, “guys I'm sorry the okroo stew I made is not nice like i wanted it to be.” Then she came out with 7 balls of banku for the three of us!! We all looked at each other in awe because that is alot of fetchin banku! We ate it all so she was happy. The stew was very good too! I even ate the pig feet this time. It was weird, but pretty good!

Other then that the week was pretty normal. Saturday was very long waiting for transfer news to come. It turns out I'm headed to Akuse (a-koo-say) in the bush or the jungle!!! It’s going to be awesome I’m pretty excited but I'm sad I'll be far from all my friends right before they go home but we’ll make it work! I leave on Wednesday and my new comp is Elder Tollestrup from San Diego, CA.

Sunday I bore my testimony in church and everyone was devistated I'm leaving them. I guess the ward really does like me a little haha. Pretty sure I even heard a few sniffles in the crowd haha. We had the baptism for Ebaneizer after church as well. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone so happy in my life. He was happier then a kid in a candy store when they say free candy! It was awesome! Other than that, I don't have anything. Wednesday I’ll l go to my new area so I guess next week I’ll have a little more .

Love you all,

Elder Orton

Pics this week:
1 me and the primary kids in my ward
2-4 Ebaneizers baptism
5 me Sister Arthur and some small kids
6 me Gyimah and Gordon the boy who drew the picture of me
7 my sexy shirt I had made for my birthday
8-9 me Martha and Gyimah
10 I left my mark here in Teshie so they would remember I had been there
11 The finest toilet in all of Ghana.


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