February 18, 2019


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Gyimah and Elder Cottam

Week 25

Hey all,

Well, Monday was Elder Gyimah’s birthday so when we came in at night we soaked him with water and dumped baby powder on him. That’s a tradition in the mission. haha! They do it for all the Elders birthdays. It was pretty funny actually!

Thursday we were having a really good lesson with Juliet and this lady came up and said I'm interested. She sat and listened to what we were saying. We were doing good and then Cottam brought up covenants and said they were a promise with God. The lady come to find out is a pastor. She started going off about how we don't have to do anything to have the spirit with us except accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Redeemer. We started getting a little smart with her. She started quoting the bible and I was whipping out scriptures left and right and so was Cottam. We kept proving her wrong. One of the things she said was that we don't have to be baptized by water in order to receive the holy spirit. We just have to accept Jesus. She is a lost soul hahahah! She just wanted to argue with us. The best part is that I shared two scriptures back to back from the bible. I can’t remember them off the top of my head right now, but the first one says something along the lines of " thou speakest as one of the foolish women..." The next one says “to study to be quiet and mind your own business pretty much.” I’ll get the exact scriptures and send them. After I shared them she walked away. I was pretty proud of myself! Well, after she left the spirit was gone but Juliet still kept the lesson going. We finished just as spiritual as it was before. It was awesome!

Nothing else is really new. Saturday night I was throwing up every hour or so. I must have got some bad chicken or something. We ate at The Chop Bar. I was miserable and wanted to die! It sucked but I made it.

love you all,
Elder Orton

The first picture we received was from Sister Keyes of a beautiful home there in Accra.

Pictures 2-6 our investigator Ellie driving banku (mom you wanted to see there kitchens so here you go)
7 All of us going to ice cream. This is my friend Mary.
8-10 Elder Gyimah’s birthday when we soaked and powdered him

We also got a phone call which we loved! He is doing great! We talked about the baptism he had a few weeks ago. We asked him about the water truck he mentioned. We learned that the city government controls the water. They turn the water on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Most homes have a water storage tank that they fill on the days the water is on, and pump it into their homes on days it’s off. If you run out in between you can pay the water truck to come fill you up.


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