February 11, 2019


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Gyimah and Elder Cottam

Week 24

Hello everyone,

Well this week went by alright, not fast, but not slow either. We went to the training meeting on Wednesday. That’s always enjoyable because you get to see other missionaries.

On Thursday we went to the temple to go through for Elder Cottam’s convert Akpene. She’s the lady we went and visited a while back in Akuse (the bush). When we tried to go in the living ordinance part on her recommend was torn off so she couldn't go through for herself. It showed she had already gone through. They called her branch President and a few other people and nobody answered. We then called President Keyes and he said he would have to reinterview her. Then she will have to come back and do it another day. It was not good. First, she drove 2 hours to go through. Second, her husband who is not a member, that is investigating, came. It didn't look good for him. Third, she was pretty bummed about it. Overall we were all pretty mad because she couldn't go through but we went to the mall and got ice cream to solve it haha. Also, while I was at the temple I was sitting out front of the door and looked at the door and saw a white hand reach out and hold the door open. I thought it was weird because there aren’t very many white people in Ghana. Well, Chet Major from Cache Valley came walking out!! It took me a minute to realize who it was but then I was pretty excited because it was someone I knew in Ghana!! We talked for a bit and took some pictures and then he had to go back into the mtc. He will be leaving to Cape Coast tomorrow. I told him not to worry and got his email so we could talk. I’ll have to get his phone number too so that I can call him since he will be in Ghana too. It made my day! I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew there.

Friday we met a new family that are referrals from a guy in the ward. They are really humble and ready. They have already asked when they can be baptized! The wife and husband will be and they have a 11 year old daughter that will be as well. Unfortunately, the younger son and daughter won’t be able to be baptized with them because they are 7 and 4. They are an awesome family! Hopefully Ican baptize them before I leave.

On Sunday we went to church and then went and saw the new family. They fed us. After the lesson and I felt really bad eating because I don't think they have much and I don't want them to have to go without food. Hopefully the Lord will bless them for it. It was kind of an eye opener and made me feel really grateful for what I have. After we went to one of our investigators named Martha. She taught us how to make jollof rice. Then we all ate together. It was really fun and hopefully I can make it when I'm home because it’s way good!

That’s about all I have. I hope everyone is doing good! Love and miss everyone!

Elder Orton

Pictures this week:
1 A huge hornet I killed
2 and 6 are my stew I made
3-5 are at the Eshuns house. They are members and there dad is the second counselor in bishopric. He also works at the mission home. The boy Gordon drew a picture of me haha!
7-11 are Chet and I at the temple
12 is my best friend out here Elder Oldroyd from Fountain Green.
13-19 Elder Gyimah and I making jollof rice with Martha. Elder Cottam was talking with the family in the other room.


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