February 4, 2019


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Gyimah and Elder Cottam

Week 23

Hey everyone,
Well, my week was alright. We taught a lot of the same people. Thursday we had an exchange and Gyimah went to Teshie 3 with Elder Alumande. So there was three white guys together and we had a lot of fun haha! I don't have a lot to talk about this week but this next week we'll be really busy so i'll have a lot to talk about!

Sunday we had the baptism for Comfort! Saturday morning we woke up and called the bishop to remind him we needed water to fill the font. When we told him he said uhhh.. let me call you back. Well he called back and said he couldn't get water there so we needed to move the baptism. I got on and said, "bishop, we told you 3 weeks ago we were having a baptism tomorrow. we're not moving the baptism. You'll have to find a way to get water." I got a little hot headed on him. I was mad because last time we had a baptism he did the same thing. We called brother Eshun the second counselor in the bishopric. Comfort was his refferal so he wanted the baptism to happen. I explained what happened and he said he was gonna call bishop. about 20 min later bishop called and said the water truck would be there soon. Everything else went smooth. I was the one who performed the baptism. That was a really cool feeling knowing I just made a new generation come into the church. Something Africans aren't used to is going under the water. So when you baptize them they usually freak out haha! Well sure enough when I baptized her she came up and started waving her arms and like spiting haha! It was kinda funny.

Another thing that happened last night was we had an incident in our companionship. Elder Gyimah has been using my bar of soap and then Cottams soap the next night. He bought a new bar when he came but I guess ours is better or something. I don't realy like to share my soap. I told him to use his own Wednesday. Well last night when I went to shower and he had used it, I shut the door and walked out and yelled, "does your soap not work or why do you keep using my soap?" I hope I got the point across this time.

Also, Juliet the girl that we contacted, we taught her lesson 3 and extended a baptismal date. She didn't accept it becasue she thinks her church has the priesthood. We're going to have to explain that this week. We gave two other dates to Ebaneizer and Freema. We have been teaching for a while. They will be the 24 of February. That will be good! Other than that I don't know what else to say.

Have a good week.

love and miss everyone
Elder Orton

Pictures this week are of Comfort's baptism. We also took a new convert to get pizza at the mall.


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