January 30, 2019


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Gyimah and Elder Cottam

Week 22

Hey everyone,

We had to take our pday today, Tuesday, because yesterday our new companion had to go get a interview at the Brazilian embassy to get his visa. He is just with us until he gets his visa then he will go to Brazil to learn Portuguese. He will be serving in the Angola Rwanda mission.

Well, this week has been kind of crazy. Tuesday we kind of bummed around and took it easy to be completely honest, because we knew that if were training, the new companion is going to want to work 24/7. It turns out that's very true! Which is great!

Wednesday we went to the mission home and met him. His name is Elder Gyimah (gee-mah) from Ghana. He is pretty cool but there’s the little things that bug me about him. We’ve seen a lot of people. Gyimah likes to contact so we have contacted a-lot of people this week. It’s easy because he can speak Twi so he can talk to people a-lot easier.

The two main people we contacted on Saturday. It is a father and his daughter. I can’t remember his name right now but her name is Juliet. They are awesome! They are very inspired and very prepared. We have taught both lesson 1 and 2 now and were teaching lesson 3 tomorrow. When we teach the lessons they ask very good questions and they are ready to be baptized already. When we finished lesson one Juliet asked how many heavens we have. When we finished lesson 2 she asked how many times we should be baptized. We were all impressed because they keep asking things we’ll teach in the next lesson. I wish I could show a video of how they both looked when we explained the kingdoms of glory to them! They were mind blown and there faces were priceless! It was kind of funny that they didn't fight it or even question it. Everything we have taught them they have accepted and love it and want to know more. We’ll extend a baptismal date tomorrow.

Another thing that happened is we had the interview for Comforts baptism and she passed! She will be baptized this Sunday! That will be really cool considering how hard we have worked with her. Other than that I can’t think of anything else.
Elder Orton

Pictures this week are:
1 is my district before transfers top left to right Elder Cottam, me, Elder Alumande, Elder Oldroyd. Bottom left to right Sister Largo, Sister Niyontegereje (still cant say her name right so i say Sister Nyon), Sister Nepay, Sister Agbevivi.
2 Me and Cottam and Sister Agbevivi. She is the only one leaving this transfer and she loves me haha!
3 me and Sister Agbevivi
4 me Elder Gyimah and one of our investigators Martha. We're waiting for her mom to let her be baptized. When that happens she will be baptized and put in her mission papers. She's ready, but her mom won't allow her to be baptized.
5 me and Elder Gyimah
6-10 These pictures are from transfer day. The first one is our new companion we got. His name is Elder Gyimah. They had a luncheon for us at the mission home during transfers.


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