January 1, 2019


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Cottam

Week 18

Hey everyone,

Well, this week was pretty good. It was so nice to facetime home and see everyone! I’m glad I got to talk with everyone!!

The rest the week we tried to work hard. We went to a free meal on Wednesday and had jolof rice fried rice and chicken. It was so good! We also contacted a lady named Josephine. Her husband is a pastor in Kumasi but she attends a different church then him. It’s kind of weird but she is very smart and wants to learn. We gave her a Book of Mormon and went back on Thursday. She said she tried to read it but didn't understand what it was talking about. We explained some things to her. Hopefully she keeps reading. That’s all it takes for someone to get baptized. Once they read it they realize the truth.

Another contact we got was Ellie. Her brother and sister is Steven and Mavis, the two we play uno with all the time. She came and played a few rounds of uno with us. We then invited her to the stake party on Saturday. She came and loved it! It was awesome!

The stake party was really fun! They had a-lot of food and dancing. Towards the end they were doing a competition dance. Elder Maddox, Elder Oldroyd, Elder Collins and I went out in the middle and did the bongo boys dance from my high school days. It was so funny and everyone loved it haha!!

Sunday night we had a bunch of people come stay the night at our appartment and we did an all night poker game. It was really fun except the next day sucked! I couldn't stay awake to save my life!!

Monday we went to Akuse (a-koos-ay). That is one of my companions old areas. It is a really nice place! It took an hour to get there. It’s in the bush. It felt more like home because there was just huge rice fields all over. It was really nice. We went to a members home. Her name was Akpene. She was really nice. She fed us twice becasue we were there the whole day! She fed us rice and stew and banku and okroa stew. Well, other then that I can’t think of anything else. I hope all of you have a great week.
Elder Orton

Picture 1 is a big herd of cows I saw. It made me feel kind of at home seeing that many haha!
2 is is the free meal we had. They prepared fufu in light soup and tuna. The tuna was freakin good! It’s the first fish I've ate here that was actually good.
3 and 4 are at the stake party.
5 and 6 are the poker night. The fridge was clear full of pepsi haha!
7 is the road to Akuse. The trees looked really cool!
8 and 9 are at Steven and Mavis’ house.
10-12 are in the town of Akuse in the bush at Akpene’s home.


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