December 24, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Cottam

Week 17

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas here deffinately isn't the same. To be honest it actually really sucks. I don't like it but oh well, only one more left and then I’ll be back home!

This week was pretty fun! We had district on Tuesday. It was really fun! We all get along so it makes it really enjoyable. We didn't have anything else really until Friday. We had our Christmas zone conference. We all met at the Bethlehem chapel in Ashiaman and had a hour spiritual lessons. The rest of the time we had a nice lunch with POTATOES AND GRAVY!!! They were so freaking good! We also just played sports the rest the day and just had a good time. It was really fun.

Saturday night we went to the junction mall and had a light the world contacting zone activity. We set up a booth and had two whiteboards. On one of them we wrote "what is love?" and on the other we put "what is Christmas?" We would have people write their answer on the whiteboard. Then we gave them a BOM and a pamplet with our number on it. We would also take there numbers and names to contact them. We got over 80 contacts... thats really good! It was pretty fun I actually kind of enjoyed it.

Sunday night we went and did a special singing performance for the MTC. We sang all the songs we did for our other performance. It was pretty cool! I couldn’t believe there was only one white kid in the whole MTC!!! How is that guy even alive still?! I would've died if that was me! haha. I can’t imagine how it would be if I was the only white guy! At the end of the performance we all joined together and sang “we’ll bring the world his truth” and the sisters all sang “as sisters in Zion”. It’s a new song I think, I don't know. They had a paper with the schedule when we should sing and when we shouldn't sing written on it. It was a really cool song. I kept getting the chills while we were singing it. It was really cool.

I can’t think of anything else to say. I can’t wait to call home tomorrow it will be so nice to talk to everyone! I hope everyone is doing good!

love, Elder Orton

Pics this week are:
The first picture is me with some of the sisters here.
2-7 are me and elder Cottam and some small kids. Cottam and I played soccer or football as they say here against them and we won thats what the w is for.
8-13 are the small kids and us with some pretty crazy glasses they had haha.
14-15 are some tractors I found
16-18 are our zone conference
19-20 is the zone contacting at the mall
21 is our whole area at our Christmas party
Last one is us at the MTC after the meeting


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