December 10, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 15

Hey everyone,
Well, this week went by pretty fast. We didn't have anything exciting happen except that Regina and Balise, her daughter, passed there interviews and Regina passed her special interview! We’ll be having the baptism this coming Saturday! I'm so excited! My first baptism!! Now many more to come!

The next thing that was really good this week is that we got transfer news Saturday night. My companion is going to be zone leader in Ashiaman and I am getting Elder Cottam! He's a really cool kid and I think I’ll have a lot of fun with him! He’s from Escalante Utah. He is coming from an area called Aflao (a-flow like a flower without the er haha). He has been in the bush his whole mission so he should be pretty happy he's coming to the city.

We saw Promise this week. He was actually really good this week. I think a little break helped him out. We had a great lesson about faith with him and he was actually really involved with the lesson! Our other investigators are still progressing slowly. I'm excited to show a new guy around the area and get out and actually work. It’s easier to work when your working with someone who you enjoy being around. I feel like Elder Cottam and I will be that way.

I don't have anything else to say. I hope everyone is doing good. I miss being home and I don't think I’ll ever say I hate the snow again after being in this heat for 2 years!
Love you all!
Elder Orton

Pictures this week are:
1- some nice Obama crackers hhhahaa!
2 and 3 are me and my companion with Kinglsey.
4 and 5 are the temple lit up at night and the moon in the one looks really cool!
6 is the sunset
7 is me and Promise
8 9 and 10 are me and Steven a recent convert. Him and his siblings are the ones we play uno with all the time.
The rest are the food we ate yesterday with our “mission mom.” It was banku with okro soup. It had crabs in it that’s what the red thing is. I didn't eat it. The other meat is pig feet. I ate a little of that but it was weird to eat. It also had cow skin in it. I loved the skin! It was so good!


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