December 3, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 14

Hey everyone,

Wow, how is it that I'm already at 3 months? It feels like not that long ago I was just opening my call and getting on a plane to come here! Time is flying by and I hope it stays that way!

I'm really glad Brady had the opportunity to share that lesson about the Book of Mormon I sent him. I have no idea how I did it so fast. It was a really great experience and I'm glad.

Tuesday we didn't have district meeting because we were having zone conference Thursday. We taught Kingsley (he told us his name was Keston, Kingston and now Kingsley??) and the Poluka family. Kingsley didn't really listen sadly, so we just kept it short. The Polukas are ready to be baptized! But sadly, we found out that she has had an abortion in her life years ago and in order to baptize her we have to have a special interview done by our President. Hopefully that happens soon. The Saturday after he does that interview her and her daughter will be baptized. I am so excited!

Wednesday we taught a few people but we’re not sure what to think about them. They didn't seem that interested so I guess we’ll see what happens with them.

Thursday was zone conference. It was really good! It was different then the last one. They talked about light the world and the new stuff they have introduced this year. It got me excited for Christmas but it’s not gonna be the same as back home. I’ll miss going to temple square and seeing lights everywhere. Something funny that happened during conference was we found out how to tell when a bunch of white missionaries have been in Ghana for too long. When they were playing the missionary light the world video some white sister missionaries came on and all of the white elders turned and looked at each other and President stopped the video and said, "elders you've been in Ghana too long!!” hahahaha!! It was pretty funny!

Friday we commited Kingsley to come to church. We set a time to come pick him up Sunday morning. We also gave him the chastity booklet. He had some questions about church and the sacrament. We explained it really well and the spirit was there at least for me. I didn't feel very good so we took it easy and stayed close to the apartment. Homoton must be coming cuz all the dust in the air is making all the missionaries get a cold. A lot of my friends have really bad colds and so do I. Homoton is the dry season here. The Sahara desert winds come and blow sand and dust all over.

Saturday we had a service project for the light the world kickoff celebration. It was combined with the Accra west mission. It was just my district and a couple of the Accra west mission districts. It wasn't that good of a turnout but I think they didn't advertise it. We got a few refferals out of it though so that’s good.

Sunday we went and picked up Kingsley. He actually came! It was awesome! But he had an emergency apparently and left around the closing hymn. I tried to call him after and he didn't answer so I’ll call him today. We had our last choir tonight. It was really good. I actually sang in it this time. I was a little uncomfortable though. There was probably 75% white people there. It was weird. haha! I wasn't used to seeing that many. But it was just all the area presidency and all the other senior missionaries around us. We had a pretty good turnout though.

Today, Monday, we had it all planned out that we were going to go to Dawenya to pick up my companions suit he had made. Right as we closed our gate the sisters in our district called us. They said that the new sister who is in her training had been passing out all morning and they didn't know what to do. We hurried to their apartment and she was a mess. She couldn't remember anything and was freaking out. She kept trying to hit everyone. We got her into a taxi finally to take her to the hospital. While we were driving my companion asked me to anoint her with oil so he could give her a blessing. She wouldn't let me put oil on her head so I just put some on my finger. She kept freaking out so the other sister hugged her and held her arms so she couldn't hit me. As soon as I put my hands on her head and started talking she immediately sat back in the seat and fell asleep until we got to the hospital. She still couldn't remember anything but she was so much calmer and wasn't as angry after we gave her a blessing. It was a really cool experience! As of right now I'm not sure what was wrong. I’ll probably know later and tell you next week. It was just really cool to see her immediately change and be calm all of a sudden.

Well I'm thankful for everything I have and the opportunity to be here! I challenge everyone to look up the light the world stuff and to follow the program! It’s really great and helps invite the spirit of christmas into our lives.

love, Elder Orton

First picture this week is of zone conference on Thursday. This is what Sister Keyes, my mission mom said about conference, “Last of the Multi Zone Conferences with Tema Zone, Teshie Zone and Ashaiman Zone. Time to say our farewells to Sister Bundor, Sister Barasa, Sister Ayoh-Chima, Sister Afrifa, Elder Asemota, Elder Francisco, Elder Kimanzi, Elder Alieu, Elder Wanjala, and lastly Elder & Sister Glanfield who said their farewells to the last group!😢”
The rest of the pictures are of our choir performance. Sister Keyes took all of these pictures for us.


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