November 26, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 13

Hi everyone,
Well, this week was good. It went better then most weeks!

Tuesday we taught a few people and then went to the cafe to finish emailing our family. The power went out on Monday and we didn’t get to finish writing home. After that we went and did a baptism interview for the Teshie 3 area.

We had a district meeting on Wednesday this week instead of Tuesday because the sisters went on a transfer Tuesday because a new sister came. After that we went back to our area and got fufu. I love that stuff!! We then contacted for 3 hours. We got 4 new investigators which means we started the first lesson with them. That’s a good step up from what we've had lately! We also got 4 other contacts as well. We got there numbers and a time to come back and teach them. It was a good change from what we usually have!

Thursday as you all know, was Thanksgiving. We had a fun time! We got a bunch of americans together and played card games. We ordered pizza that night and just had a good time. I also went on exchange that night with the Teshie 3 elders. Elder Alumande from Kenya came to my area with me and Elder Mendoza and my companion went to Teshie 3 area.

Friday we went out and we had a full day of lessons lined out. Two of which were the new investigators we got on Wednesday. We only ended up teaching 4 of the 6 lessons so to make up for time we contacted some more.

Saturday we had a good day as well. we taught a couple less actives and then had 2 baptismal interviews for the sisters in Teshie 1.

Sunday was actually pretty good. During Sunday school we had an investigator we had stopped teaching come up and tell us she was ready to start making the right choices and be baptized! We’re going to start teaching her now too. During priesthood meeting we had a really good discussion about Uchtdorfs talk "believe, love, do" here is the link it is a really good talk! .

After we went to Adenta for the choir rehearsal number 2. Elder jones and I helped at the desk by taking refferals and helping investigators find where to sit and such. It was a pretty good turnout. Next Sunday I’ll be in the choir at the Christianborg rehearsal. After the performance, Elder Williams from Delta and his companion Elder Fotu from Tonga came and stayed the night.

Today we just sat around in the morning and then came to the cafe. It was nice to have a relaxing day!

There is only one picture from this week. I didn't take very many for some reason, sorry. The picture is Elder Willliams from Delta and his companion and I in my compound. Elder Williams had just cut my hair. He’s never cut hair before but did a pretty good job!

Love you all,
Elder Orton


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