November 19, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 12

Hello everyone,

Well, this week was a little bit long but it’s okay, I made it. My companion doesn't like to go out very much so most days we don't leave for a while. It’s not the best. This week we’re going to have to contact a-lot to get our numbers back up.

Tuesday we had district and then proselyted for the Teshie 3 elders again the rest of the day. It sucked! Hopefully it helps their area out. We’re focusing on everyone’s areas as a district so the whole district is taking turns in each others areas.

Wednesday we taught Promise. It was an adventure. He's still stuck on not being able to believe what we say about the plan of salvation because he says nobody has been there so nobody knows. We’re just working on that with him now. We gave the Poluka family baptismal dates this week. The wife and daughter will be baptized on the 8 of December. We’ve been working with them a-lot trying to get them ready.

Thursday we went to choir practice and after we went to an American store. I found mtn dew!! I was in heaven! I bought 6 cans and drank them all that night haha. I was so happy. We’re gonna go to that store more often because they have a-lot of American food there. After that it was late so we just went to a chop bar and got some food and met with some members. I bought a grill and we made steaks on it for dinner too it was good.

Friday my comp was sick so we didn't get much done because he couldn't go far. We taught the Polukas and then we went back to the apartment. I just started studying and talking to Elder Jones so I didn't go insane. Elder Jones and I are just like Statton and I back home. Just two peas in a pod haha. We talk about roping together all the time and how were gonna go to the NFR and the world series team roping together and win it. We also talk about the farm a-lot and all that stuff. We’re literally like the same person. It’s definitely going to be a sad day when he goes home.

Saturday we had choir practice again and then there was a stake activity so we went to that for a bit and then we proselyted in the sisters area til about 7.

Sunday we had a special broadcast for all of West Africa. It was just a-lot of chastising because the Africans aren't very good at paying their tithing. President Eyring just explained the importance and why we do it basically. We had a choir performance afterwards. The purpose is to bring investigators so they can feel the spirit and then we can get their info to start teaching them. It’s been effective in the past. We have two more performances in two different areas. After that Elder Dalton and his companion came and stayed the night at our apartment.They stayed at our apartment because it’s closer to where we played the turkey bowl. We made steaks and potatoes and gravy. It was so good and reminded me of Sunday night dinner back home. I bought a grill that is small enough to fit in my suit case for transfers so I can make steaks on it haha. I wanted to cry when I walked in the kitchen because the potatoes were boiling and it smelled just like Sunday dinner back home.

Today we had a turkey bowl. There were four different teams of all Americans. We just played and the winners played each other and then the winner won it of coarse haha. My team did good until one of the kids punched another one in the face so we just forfeited because we didn't want anymore to happen. it wasn't good.

Love you all,
Elder Orton

Pictures this week:
1 and 2 are my grill I bought.
3 and 4 are Elder Maddox from Pleasant Grove, my companion and I grilling steaks.
5, 6 and 7 are Sunday afternoon dinner. We had steak, potatoes and gravy with Elder Dalton and his companion Elder Malo from Ghana.
The next 4 pictures are of the choir performance this week.
The last picture is my team at the turkey bowl.


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