November 13, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 11

Hey all,

This week wasn't that bad. I feel like it flew by it’s nice!

Tuesday we had district meeting. We got a new sister in our district. We all introduced ourselves to her and she introduced herself to us. She’s from Nuwanda South Africa. She’s a-lot better then the sister that was here before her. After meeting her we went and helped out Teshie 3 area and contacted for 3 hours because they need more people to teach really bad. We contacted over 20 people. I hope it helps them.

Wednesday we had a full day in. we contacted most of the day though and got a couple contacts. We will see them this week.
Thursday we had choir practice and we went and saw Keston after. We taught him the word of wisdom. He seemed pretty okay with it. He had some confusion on why we can’t have coffee. When we explained it to him it all made sense to him after. When we were about to leave he stopped us and said that we were mispronouncing his name. He told us it’s Kingston. I guess we have been saying Keston this whole time and he just hasn't said anything about it haha.

Friday we went to president interviews at 1. We didn't get out till about 3. We went and talked with a return missionary. He helps us a-lot actually. If we have people who have questions we can’t answer and just problems we go to him. Sometimes we’ll go to him for referrals also.

Saturday we had choir again and then we went to Kingston's and we tried to explain church to him so he would come. He still didn't come to church on Sunday. We even said we’d come get him and walk with him. I have no idea why he didn't come. He fed us while we were there. It was banku with palm nut soup and oyster. I was gonna die if my companion was going to make me eat oysters!! My companion said, “watch this” and pulled out a sack and stuck the oyster in it when nobody was watching so we didn't have to eat it hahah. I was dying I thought it was funny! From now on I will carry a sack in my scriptures.

Sunday we went to church and they announced that all of West Africa was having a special broadcast from the first Presidecy and 12 appostles on the 18 of November. That’s this coming Sunday. My companion and I think it is either to chastize the members because they aren't being obedient or taking church seriously or it’s to prepare for President Nielson to come. He has been going to lots of countries. Hopefully it’s that because that would be cool to see him here!

Monday (today) we got up at 430 and headed to the Aburi mountains to meet a bunch of other missionaries. We hiked probably a mile in to the mountain to this really cool waterfall. It was nice to go to the mountain it kind of made me feel like home. During the hike I talked to Elder Jones from Rupert Idaho and Elder Dalton from Circleville Utah. They are really cool. Elder Jones and I talk on the phone every night. His family has a big farm and he worked on a big dairy up there. We make plans about what we’re going to do when were home all the time. Elder Dalton is way cool too. His family has turkeys and they make wood shavings for mink farms. They have about 1000 acres also.

That’s all for this week. Have a good week! I’ll send the pictures, hopefully it works this time.

Pictures this week:
1. one of our investigators Ebenezier
2. Elder Jones, me, Elder Dalton, Elder Williams from Delta, Elder Olson from Spanish Fork
3. Elder Jones-he’s so funny!
4 and 5. the upper waterfall
6. Elder Jones pretending to pee upstream of elder Warr from Spanish Fork and elder Word from Las Vegas Nevada
7. on my right is Elder Jones on my left is Elder Dalton
8 & 9. the lower water fall
10-13. flat Stanley and I at the waterfall. Love you Kaylon!
14. a funky huge tree I found
Notice my sexy new shirt in all the water fall pictures ;)


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