November 5, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 10

Hey everyone!

This week has been all right. This week I've really realized how much everything and everyone back home means to me. The beginning of the week started off great but Tuesday we had a meal from a member and it made me sicker than a dog! The food we ate was called Shito. Shito in Twi means “pepper.” It’s a black hot pepper sauce they put on food. They rot fish and then mix it with some stuff. I'm not really sure what’s in it but it’s not good at all! It’s black and taste like crap and is way spicy. It completely destroyed my stomach! I threw up a couple times. Wednesday we didn't get out much because my companion and I were sick. We just met some people close to our apartment. It was a rough day.

Thursday went better. We got out and taught some people. We also met with Keston and gave him the word of wisdom pamphlet to go through. I hope it doesn't scare him away. If he knows it’s true he should be fine.

Friday we had a good day as well. It was an all around smooth day. Our lessons went through and we contacted a few people.

Saturday we went to choir. It’s always fun to go because I get to see all my buddy's there haha. We have a good time for sure. After choir we went and just contacted for 3 hours straight. It wasn't fun. We need to work hard this week to reach our goal. We have to get 3-4 baptisms by the end of the year to meet the mission goal for the year.

Sunday we just went to church and then we went to a baby naming celebration for the bishops son and ate banku in okra soup. It was pretty good. We then went to a members house and had a family home evening type deal. Mostly we just talked and had a good time before we went home haha.

Today we went to accra and played basketball with everyone and then went and got pizza at the mall. It’s fun to go with groups of people everywhere because we’re all such good friends.

I love you all!
Love Elder Orton

Pictures this week:
The sunset here in Teshie
This is how they smoke fish here in Teshie
Me and Flat Stanley in the jungle


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