October 29, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 9

Hey all,
This week has been boring but it flew by.
Tuesday we had district meeting and then went and got fufu after. We taught the Poluka family after. They fed us dinner. It was so hard because it was fish stew and rice and I HATE fish... I just shoved it all in and swollowed and tried to drown it down with rice and water hahaha. I hated it but i got through it.

Wednesday it rained super hard so we weren't able to go out much. We went and taught one guy named Promise. The whole time we were teaching he just kept saying, “wow it’s raining a-lot.” We finally just left.

Thursday we went to choir in the morning and when we got back we went and taught Keston. We kept having this feeling that we should just go see him and not really teach him a lesson. When we got there he told us what had been happening to him at his work. He said that they were all making fun of him for learning with us and that the only reason he was learning with us is because we were white and he wanted to get to America through us. He told us that that’s not why he wants to learn with us. We read some scriptures and shared how the gospel makes our lives happier and that it doesn't matter what people say because as long as were happy there opinions shouldn't matter. He’s progressing but I think chastity and word of wisdom lessons might give him a run for his money. I hope he takes it ok.

Friday we had a great day until about 2pm. Teshie 3 area missionaries called and said they were in the hospital. Elder Mendoza isn't doing very well. He’s the Elder I went with last week that just locked himself in his room. He is homesick really bad and refuses to eat or drink anything. We went to the hospital to check on him and sat there all day since my companion is district leader.

Saturday we went to choir practice again. It’s a good thing I'm not doing a solo because I have no idea what we’re singing. The other kids like me and I sit and talk the whole time haha. We taught the Polukas again that night. I'm kind of bugged and want to drop them. The husband is a member and wants the wife to join so bad he's forcing it to happen. There is no effort put in from her. It’s not fun but the wifes daughter is really interested. She’s 12 so I hope we’ll get to baptize her.

Sunday was stake conference. Then we had a gathering after where we talked with members and other stake members all day.

I hope everyone is doing well.
Elder Orton

PS tell Kaylon that I got his flat Stanley in the mail today. My comp and I think it’s fun to show him around town. We went to the temple, ate fufu and I showed him my pillow. I can’t wait to mail him back to you with a surprise!

Pictures this week are:
First two are of the storm coming
Next two are flat Stanley and I at the temple
Next one is a tractor I saw in town
Next one is flat Stanley on my pillow
Next two are flat Stanley and I eating fufu and banku. There are no spoons. You use your fingers.
The next one is my teacher from the MTC. We ran into him this week.
The next two are the tractor dealership here in town. I thought grandpa would like those.


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