October 23, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 8

Hey All,

Well, this week was crazy! We didn't really work like we usually do. Tuesday we got a lesson in because the sister missionaries were 2 hours late to district meeting. It took forever to do our discusion because there was a-lot of new stuff to talk about. I was a little anoyed with them! They are always late to every meeting and they are always causing waholla (that means crazy in twi). Tuesday night we went on another exchange. I went to Teshie 3 area with Elder Mendoza and his companion went to my area with my companion. That was a very boring exchange! We did literally nothing. Mendoza just locked himself in one of the rooms and I just sat and read my scriptures all day. It sucked! I read 24 chapters in D&C that day. When we exchanged back and got back to the apartment, I told Marcusen if he ever does that to me again I am gonna kill him!

Thursday Marcusen went to choir practice. One of the zone leaders and I didn't want to go so we just went on splits. We had an amazing lesson on why baptism is so important. It was awesome and we committed Keston to be baptized on November 24. Hopefully everything works out. We’ve got some more lessons to teach him first. During the lesson his sister and brother joined in and we are going to start teaching them as well next week .

Friday we had a follow up training at the mission home so we only got one lesson in that day with a members wife and daughter. They are ready to be baptized. We just have to teach them all the lessons first. I bore my testimony at the end. The lesson was about how the Book of Mormon and the Gospel brings us happiness. I told them I wasn't very in tune with the spirit and was doing things I shouldn't have in highschool. I explained how I wasn't happy during that time of my life. Since then, I’ve came back and decided to go on a mission. I haven't been unhappy since I made that decision. The spirit was so strong when I was talking! I couldn't hold it back any longer and I started to cry. I usually don't cry. It was weird!!! Oh well, it made it so they knew I was serious.

Saturday Marcusen talked me into going to choir practice with him. I'm kind of mad I didn't go Thursday now. That was so fun! A lot of the kids that have the same interests as I do are there. I think I'm going to go from now on. Some of the Elders there are Elder Stout from Scipio, Elder Glance from Farmington, Elder Florence from Milford, Elder Maddox from Pleasant Grove, Elder Howel from Ogden and Elder Jones from Rupert Idaho. They are all small town kids. All of them hunt and some of them rope. They are just fun down to earth kids. They remind me a lot of the kids I hungout with back home. It’s always a good time with them.

Sunday was a-lot better then last week! Just a normal Sunday. We didn't get any fms but that’s okay.

Today we went to La Body Beach. It was alright. Most of the kids from choir were there. We played football on the beach. It was fun because you could tackle each other and it didnt hurt. I was a little sore because I am fried from the sun it sucks!

Love you all,
Elder Orton

Pictures this week are:
The food I am eating is banku. It’s fermented corn and casava dough mashed into a dough. You take little balls and dip it into the soup and swallow it whole. You don't chew at all. The soup was ground nut soup.
Next pictures are some cows I saw around town.
Next pictures are of all of us playing football at the beach.


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