October 8, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 6

Hey everyone!

Well my week was boring... Tuesday we had district meeting til 12 and then after we went and interviewed one of the sisters investigators for baptism. While we were there we gave a blessing to one of their investigators who was really sick. It was about 4:30 when we got back to the apartment. We went and taught Keston at 5. He’s the guy we gave the Book of Mormon to a couple of weeks ago that read it really fast. We did the first half of the plan of salvation. He’s progressing really well but he introduced us to his girlfriend. I feel like he's going to have a hard time when we introduce the law of chastity lesson haha. Wednesday we got a full day in but we mostly just contacted that day. There are some investigators from my companions last companionship here but they aren't really serious. This week we’ll have to get a-lot of contacts to start building numbers again. Thursday we had a zone meeting for district leaders. My comp is a district leader so he had to go to that meeting. It was the same as Tuesday. We met with Keston again and finished the plan of salvation and he was amazed! It was really cool to see how he reacted! We introduced the gospel of Jesus Christ to him and are going to teach it this week. Friday and Saturday we had painters come to our apartment so we had to sit there while they were there. We did leave to watch conference Saturday night. what a blessing that church is only 2 hours now!! ;) Sunday was really long. We sat at the church all day long and watched the Saturday afternoon session and Relief Society session and the Sunday morning session. It was really good but so long. I'm glad to see that there’s two temples announced for Africa! I'm glad they are putting more here because the people in Nigeria haven't been to the temple ever. The Nigerians in the mtc went through the temple for the very first time there because its too far to travel to Accra to go to the temple. I feel bad for the people that don't get to experience it. Hopefully this week goes better.

Love, Elder Orton

Pictures this week: The first two are jolof rice Igot at a members yesterday. It was so good! They take tomatoe stew and cook it into the rice and then serve it to you I like it a lot!
Next is a steak I tried to cook but it wasn't the same so I probably wont do that again!
Next is the sunset
The next two are some cows I found. Tell me they don't look like they would taste so good with what they are walking in!! That’s what they eat is trash.
The next two are a herd of goats and a herd of sheep that I found.
The last four are my apartment. I didn't get any of the outside I forgot.


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