September 24, 2018


Teshie, Adjorman ward


Elder Marcusen

Week 4

Hey all,
Well, where do I start?
The first day in the mission home we found out our companions and our areas. My companion is Elder Marcusen from Washington DC. He’s going to Logan for school after his mission so we might see each other. He seems pretty cool so I
think we will get along fine. My area is Adjorman in Teshie. It’s crazy! The
way people live here blows my mind! It’s kind of cool to ride around on
our bikes and see it all though.

The first day I was out we had a guy stop us and ask us about our
church. He said at his church he felt like all they wanted was his
money. We gave him a restoration pamplet and asked him to read it and
told him to call us when he was done reading it. About an hour later
he called and said he was done so we scheduled an appointment for the
next day and we went and talked about it with him and gave him a Book
of Mormon. We gave him the assignment to read Moroni 10:3-5. When he
looked he said that’s not long enough so we told him to read 3 Nephi
chapter 10-20. We have another appointment for Tuesday with him and
we’ll teach him the plan of salvation. We also had another lady stop us as
we were walking and asked what the book we were carrying was. We
told her and gave her one but we haven't heard from her yet. We mostly
bike everywhere. My knees hurt so bad! We bike probably 15 miles

Let me tell you about the driving in Ghana... WOW... I have never seen
anything like it! Cars just weaving in and out of each other and going
however fast they want and going on wichever side of the road they
want. I thought I was going to die the first day we biked down the

The bread here is AMAZING! It doesn't compare to how good your homemade
bread is I'm sorry to say it mom. The fruit is to die for also. I buy
at the least one pineapple a day. I love it! They drink water out of
these bags here also. They are like a penny. You bite a hole off of a
corner and then suck the water out. I don't know what other food to
talk about. We haven't had any meals yet so I haven't tried fufu or
bonkoo yet but I don't want to. Everyone I have talked to has told me
that I will probably throw up in my mouth the first time but the
members get offended if you do so you just have to suffer through it.

The tro tro (van/bus) ride to the apartment was interesting. They just
started throwing suitcases and bikes on top then strapped it down and
threw as many people in as they could and we were off.

I can’t think of anything else to tell you. Surprisingly I’m having fun
here! It’s way different, but it’s been a good experience so far.

I'm so happy to hear the fire didn't get the cabin. I was really
stressing about it. I'm glad they got the cows out in time, that sucks
for all the dead ones.

Tell Jace he got the wrong call. He needs to come experience my
mission hahaha! He’s lucky though.

I was literally dying reading the part about the mink. All the
missionaries around me wanted to hear about it and so they all came
and read and thought it was funny too hahaha. Glad nobody got hurt
though that would've been bad!

love, Elder Orton

Explanation of pictures this week:
The first picture is my MTC district.
Second is me and brother Twum (choom) my teacher.
Third is me and Elder Jensen
4 me and Elder Cox
5 me and Elder Sanchez from Texas
6 Elder Jensen
7 and 8 the tro tro we took to our area.. yikes.
9 some goats I thought were cool til we turned the corner and realized theres a goat literally every 5 feet!
10 the nice sunburn I got after my first day
11 and 12 me and my com,panion cooked stir fry with spade L seasoning
13 we ate at KFC and it was way good!
14 and 15 me and a girl from the ward. She’s 9 and her and her little sister stole my camera.
16 and 17 self explanitory
18 looks like one of my roosters
Last one is a girl in my ward who wanted a ride on my bike.

This is Kristi (Tells mom) I got to talk to him back and forth for a while. Yay!! Here are a few questions he answered for me.

K: Where are you emailing me from?
T: An internet cafe.
K: What is your apartment like?
T: It’s crazy! It’s basically cement walls with a roof. We don't have a water heater so cold showers for now but that’s kind of nice after how hot the days are here.
K: Do you wash your laundry in a bucket?
T: We have a washer and we hang our clothes up to dry.
K: How do you cook your food? Is there a stove or oven?
T: We have a small stove, no oven.
K: What do you sleep on?
T: We sleep on a mattress on a small bed frame with a mosquito net.
K: Are you in the jungle or city?
T: city
K: Is the power on most of the day?
T: yes
K: Have you picked up the language yet?
T: I’ve actually picked up on some of the language. It’s called Twi (chree) the tw usually makes a ch sound here.
The little kids will yell “abroonie” at the white guys (me) because it means “white
guy” and my companion told me to yell “abibini” back. All the kids immediately stop talking and just stare at me because they didn't think I knew there
language. hahaha! It’s funny! I can speak it pretty good now. Abibini means black guy. Some other words I know are:
Et e sain means how are you.
Ay yay means good.
Ay yay non sway means good how about you.
Ay esen means how much.
Medasi pawn means thank you.
My goal is to at least be able to bare my testimony in Twi.
T: Funny thing just happened to me while I’m writing you! This little tiny baby came walking around the corner at this place and started screaming because it was terrified of me! He must not have ever seen a white person before! 😂
K: Any other weird food you’ve eaten?
T: They eat the chicken bones here, so that’s pretty weird. I tried it and didn’t like it.
K: Where do you buy your food?
T: There’s no stores here, just little huts all over. One hut sells bread, another sells pineapple, etc. It’s weird!


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